Four musicians: organ, bowed percussion, trumpet, voice.

Oren Ambarchi

Experimental guitarist extraordinaire based in Melbourne.


Amazingly active and inventive cross art form company based in Melbourne.

Narelle Benjamin

Award winning choreographer, contortionist, dancer, all round lovely lady.

Peter Biffin

Instrument builder and creator of the Tarhu, from Armidale.

Clocked Out

Vanessa Tomlinson (percussion) and Erik Griswold (prepared piano) duo, producers and collaborative company from Brisbane.

Kathy Cogill

One of a kind – dancer, yoga teacher, performance artist with legs of steel.
Kathy on YouTube

James Crabb

World renowned Scottish accordion player now based in Sydney.

Critical Path

Choreographic research and development centre in Sydney.

Louise Curham

Canberra based experimental film maker.
Louise on Vimeo

Jim Denley

Avant-garde saxophonist and woodwind specialist based in Sydney.

Kraig Grady

Californian instrument builder, composer and creator of the Anaphorian Embassy now based in Wollongong.


Australia’s foremost vocal & instrumental ensemble specialising in new music.

Bernadette Harvey

Absolutely fabulous piano chamber musician and soloist from Sydney.


Historically informed Australian early music string quartet and chamber ensemble.

the NOW now

Presenter of spontaneous music and experimental film in an annual festival and series based in Sydney.

Mike Patton

Front man extraordinaire of Faith No More/Mr Bungle fame.

Pimmon (a.k.a. Paul Gough)

Sydney based maker of drone and glitch based abstract digital soundscapes.

Linsey Pollak

Amazing maker of instruments based in Kin Kin, Queensland.

Theatre Kantanka (Katia Molino/Carlos Gomes)

Project based physical theatre and arts company based in Sydney.

New Music Network

Umbrella organisation dedicated to the promotion and presentation of new music in Australia.

Martin Ng

Turntable artist and heart surgeon based in Sydney

Lee Ranaldo

Legendary Sonic Youth guitarist, visual artist, writer, producer.

Bob Scott

Experienced and versatile sound designer and engineer from Sydney.

The Song Company (Roland Peelman)

Australia’s leading vocal ensemble embracing music from around the world and all ages.

Sydney Chamber Opera

Sydney’s critically acclaimed fresh and youthful answer to some of the difficult questions facing opera today.

Synergy Percussion

Internationally acclaimed Sydney based percussion ensemble with 40 years experience.

Holly Throsby

Immensely popular indie pop singer songwriter.

TURA New Music

Perth exponent and producer of new music.

Christopher Wallace-Crabbe

Poet and Australian icon based in Melbourne.

Andrew Wholley/Red Rug

Stunning video artist based in Lilyfield (Sydney).