Thank you

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With the generous assistance of our supporters, Ensemble Offspring is able to continue the work we do in: commissioning new Australian work, nurturing the talent of the next generation of emerging new music performers and composers and supporting established musicians to present new music of the highest calibre for all to enjoy.

We’d like to thank the following people

Noisy Egg Nest Supporters
Jules Maxwell, Danielle Michel-Simpson and Shane Simpson, the Jonathan Blakeman Memorial and Andrew Fellowes, Russell and Jennifer Staley, Sylvia Jamieson.

Noisy Egg Creation Fund Supporters
Anonymous (3), Jon Addison, Sandy Belford, Tony Berg, Baiba Berzins, Sheena Boughen, Amanda Brown, Robin Budden, Neil Burns, Susie Carleton, Ian Cleworth, Barrie Collins, Harold Corbould, Charles Davidson, John Davis, Gregory Deng, Marting Denny, Michael Dixon, Robert Edwardes, Janusz Florek, Berg Family Foundation, Myer Trust, Wakes Family Foundation, John & Irene Garran, Clare Grant, Michael Hannan, Heinz Hermann, Daniel Herscovitch, Peter Howard, Elizabeth Hristoforidis, Stewart Jackson, Sylvia Jamieson, Naomi Johnson, Anna Kamaralli, Leta Keens, Richard Kefford, Elizabeth Kinkade, James Kirby, Kiriaki Koubaroulis, Penny Le Couter, Kate Lidbetter, Heidrun Lohr, Anthony Lowe, Patricia Ludgate, Ned McGowan, Don MacLeod, Kathleen Nelson, Lamorna Nightingale, Michael Norris, David Pay, Merry & Robert Pearson, Shane Simpson, Terrence Smith, Arn Sprogis, Michelle St Anne, Ruth Thompson, Chris & Sharon van Reyk, Kim Williams, Fiona Winning, Margot Woods.

Noisy Women Commissioning Program Supporters
Anonymous, Heinz Herrmann, Angela Hill, Peter Howard, John Hristoforidis, Kate Lidbetter, Megan McMurchy, Shanti Raman, Kate Thompson and the Modest Expectations Foundation.

Hatched Academy Supporters
PPCA Performers’ Trust Foundation, Ian Johnson and Penny LeCouter.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, you can do so through the Give Now website (donations over $2), or if you would like to support us in other ways, we would love to talk! You can email our Development Coordinator Sophie Van Dijk at sophie@ensembleoffspring.com