Hatched Home Academy 2020

In June 2020, we were excited to launch two brand new initiatives as part of Hatched Academy 2020, inspired by all the time we have been spending at home of late. The first is our Home Academy where budding young performers and composers can be mentored by our musicians and the second is our Hatched Home Commission worth $2000 and the opportunity performance and documentation by Ensemble Offspring.

Now, we are delighted to announced the recipients of both our Hatched Home Commission and Hatched Home Academy mentorships:


Simon Charles (WA)
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Eduardo Ruiz (VIC)
Liam Wooding (VIC)
Nick Ashwood (NSW)
Phoebe Bognàr (NSW)
Katherine Howarth (NSW)
Nadia Burgess (NSW)
Gabrielle Cadenhead (NSW)
Lily Bryant (ACT)
Christopher Healey (VIC)
Anna Rabinowicz (VIC)
Liam Mulligan (NSW)
Marlene Radice (ACT)
Robert McIntyre (VIC)
Ellie Harrison (QLD)
Abigail Sutherland (SA)
Tim Newhouse (WA)


.We want to support young performers and composers who might be feeling a little bit frustrated with the current state of affairs and offer up our musicians as mentors for a month. They will be offering career advice sessions, instrumental lessons, composition lessons, instrumental part try-outs, mini one-on-one composition workshops, industry advice or whatever you need – get your questions ready and ask away! Participants over 18 from around Australia are encouraged to apply. If you are based in Sydney there will be the option of meeting up with your mentor in person but the majority of meetings will occur online via Zoom. 

Approximately 15 x 1 hour sessions will be offered to budding young artists from around the country. You will have the choice of the following mentors who are our core instrumentalists first and foremost but have a huge amount of general industry expertise to impart. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick our brains and ask all those questions you have been burning to ask for years!

One-on-one mentor sessions to occur between 29 June and 31 July 2020.

Mentors– Claire Edwardes (artistic director/percussion), Veronique Serret (violin), Blair Harris (cello), Jason Noble (clarinet), Zubin Kanga (piano), Lamorna Nightingale (flute), Roland Peelman (conductor/artistic director)


.You’ve been stuck at home for the last 2 months and either your creative juices have been stifled or they have been generously flowing. But whatever your situation, you’re probably not making a mozza right now. So with the extra incentive of $2000 now could be the time to be inspired by the offer of Ensemble Offspring workshopping and premiering your new work. We are looking for a simple project, which is original, creative and inspiring for us to perform or document. It doesn’t have to be digital but it can be – it doesn’t have to be rolled out during COVID restrictions but it can be. It could be a piece, which we will premiere live in our 2021 program or it could be an original concept for online dissemination. We aren’t picky and want you to lead the way. So let your imagination run wild and send us your ideas! Artists of any age can apply as long as they consider themselves emerging.


  • Applications for Hatched Home Academy are open to Australian residents over 18.
  • Applications for the Hatched Home Commission are open to Australian residents of all ages who consider themselves emerging
  • Applications open Monday 24 May 2020
  • Applications close midnight Friday 12 June 2020
  • Successful Home Academy applicants will be notified by 26 June 2020
  • 1 applicant will be chosen for the Home Commission by 26 June 2020, and they will be paid $2000 for their commission
  • One-on-one mentor sessions for Hatched Home Academy to occur between 29 June and 31 July 2020.
  • Applications are reviewed by Artistic Director Claire Edwardes and the Ensemble Offspring team.
  • Participants will be chosen based on the availability of mentors and fit with what each of our mentors offers

Call for applications for our 2021 Hatched Academy program will be launched in the second-half of 2020. Please note that the Associate Artist position will not be advertised for 2021 due to COVID-19.

You can find information on Hatched Academy and previous participants here

Each of the streams below offers a range of opportunities for emerging performers and composers to find the support that fits their needs. Applicants can apply to as many streams as they wish. A separate application needs to be submitted for each stream.


We will choose an exceptional emerging new music performer to join us as an Associate Artist for the year. This relationship will take the form of a facilitated mentorship between the artist and the ensemble with multiple significant performance opportunities. The focus of the year will be designed together with the chosen artist resulting in a bespoke program of opportunities within the new music sphere. At a minimum, Ensemble Offspring will commit to including the artist in two chamber music performances with us in Sydney, a feature solo opportunity and numerous mentoring sessions throughout the year with a mixture of industry professionals (including Ensemble Offspring members & external industry professionals). Standard artist fees will be paid for all performance engagements.

Upon being selected, the successful applicant will meet with our Artistic Director, Claire Edwardes, and the Ensemble Offspring team, to discuss:

  • their aims and expectations of the program
  • appropriate repertoire for a solo feature and other repertoires for consideration during the year
  • how the program can assist the performer in building skills across arts administration/management areas, such as writing funding applications and arts marketing.
  • who they would like to be mentored by during the year and why

Following this, the ensemble will work with the Associate Artist to customise the artistic and professional development opportunities open to them and confirm all performance dates and rehearsal schedules for the year.

All domestic return flights to Sydney and homestay/Airbnb accommodation costs will be covered by Ensemble Offspring. The Associate Artist will be paid for their concert involvement at professional musician rates.

First meeting arranged to customise the terms of the program before 13 December 2019.


  • Applications are open to Australian residents
  • Applications open Friday 16 August 2019. 
  • Applications close midnight Friday 11 October 2019. 
  • Applications are reviewed by Artistic Director Claire Edwardes and the Ensemble Offspring team.
  • Four shortlisted applicants will be chosen and contacted to arrange an in-person or skype interview by 1 November 2019.
  • The successful applicant will be notified by 8 November 2019


Are you an emerging new or experimental music soloist or group looking for performance opportunities? Hatched Open Mic is your chance to present your own work with direct in-kind support from Ensemble Offspring in production, marketing, venue-hire, experience and know-how.

Ensemble Offspring Artistic Director, Claire Edwardes, will choose a complementary combination of unique solo artists and groups to showcase their work in an evening concert at Eastern Sydney Community and Arts Centre, Darlinghurst on Monday 14 December 2020. Claire will offer artistic advice, and if you are a soloist we ask that you are open to suggested collaborations between our chosen applicants. Please make sure your proposed repertoire content is unique to this performance and not being replicated elsewhere in Sydney around the same time. This should be a new, adventurous program of music, the development and presentation of which will be curated in close consultation with Claire and the members of Ensemble Offspring.

The EO team will help you bump-in and out, manage your FOH, provide a sound person, deliver archival documentation of the event and assist with general production, and at the end of your concert, you’ll take home everything you made on the door! But the biggest benefit, of course, will be your chance to impress Ensemble Offspring’s very own open-minded audiences and win some new fans.

N.B. Applications are welcome from artists who are not based in Sydney, however, transport and accommodation costs incurred by artists travelling to Sydney will not be covered by the ensemble. There is no age limit for applicants – ’emerging’ is defined here as an artist in the early stages of their career or someone who has yet to be significantly recognised.


  • Applications close midnight on Friday 11th October 2019.
  • All applicants will be notified of the final outcomes by 8 November 2019
  • Applications will be assessed by Ensemble Offspring Artistic Director Claire Edwardes, who may seek advice from other experts in the field.
  • Open Mic Sessions will take place on Saturday 4 July 2020.


Held in Sydney from 14-18 December 2020, this will be a five-day intensive program presented by Ensemble Offspring. Activities include:

  • instrumental workshops
  • one-on-one mentoring and peer sessions
  • group improvisations
  • round table discussions
  • 2 professionally documented concerts

The Hatched Academy Composer Summer School will be open to six successful compositional applicants from around Australia and will be led by Artistic Director, Claire Edwardes and guest mentors. Core members of Ensemble Offspring will be in residence at this week-long intensive.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a draft composition, for the combination of violin, cello, flute, clarinet, and percussion (or a subset thereof) to our Artistic Director, Claire Edwardes by Friday 23 October 2020 in preparation for their attendance at the Composer Summer School. This can be an existing or a newly composed work and will be workshopped at the event and professionally recorded for portfolio use.

Emerging composers from around Australia are encouraged to apply. All travel costs (flights and accommodation) will be covered by Ensemble Offspring for interstate attendees. No fee will be paid for attendance and living costs will not be provided during the week. There is no age limit, however, composers should be within 8 years of graduating from a music degree at a tertiary institution.



  • Applications close midnight Friday 11 October 2019
  • Applications are reviewed by Artistic Director Claire Edwardes and the Ensemble Offspring team.
  • Successful applicants will be notified on 8 November 2019
  • The first draft of the chamber composition (score and parts) due by Friday 23 October 2020.
  • Hatched Composer Summer School will take place in Sydney 14-18 December 2020
  • Successful applicants meet/skype in early 2020 with Claire to discuss preparation timeline.

For all enquires or requests for more information, please contact admin@ensembleoffspring.com


The Hatched Academy is supported by the APRA AMCOS Music Grants Program, Rode Microphones and donors to our Noisy Egg Creation Fund.