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Hatched – Ensemble Offspring Academy

What converts are saying about our recent education workshops

“It was so interesting to be asked by Ensemble Offspring to reconsider what music is. You took the audience including the kids at the workshop on that kind of exploratory journey – plus your energy and enthusiasm was truly palpable.”

David Schama, General Manager Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium (March 2014)

“Thanks for a great workshop on the weekend in humble Gosford Central Coast Conservatorium. I really enjoyed how you spoke to the kids as if you absolutely believed in their capability to embrace new music. I think you won a few new young fans!”

Shayne Leslie, Composer; CEO Leslie Group of Services (March 2014)

“We were delighted to have the Ensemble Offspring here for two wonderful concerts. Thank you for inspiring so many children with your music. It was a splendid team work with Sterre!”

Jan De Moor, Artistic Coordinator Concertgebouw Brugge (October 2013)

“It was a pleasure welcoming you here. The two concerts were just great.”

Jeroen Vanacker, Artistiek Directeur Concertgebouw Brugge (October 2013)

“Pleased to say last night was a big success. The group were in extremely good form (they nailed every piece) and the programme was well appreciated. There was a very nice atmosphere and everyone was super engaged with it. Jenny Walshe was really stoked with the performance of her piece and very impressed by the ensemble generally.”

Matthew Shlomowitz – lecturer Southhampton, composer & host London (October 2013)

“From my own perspective I agree that the workshop was a fabulous success. The experience benefitted not just those students who had pieces performed but everyone else who attended and observed too. The format of the session was very effective, beginning with student pieces followed by some performance and discussion of extracts from Ensemble Offspring’s repertoire. I’m glad to have included some workshopping of my own piece during this session, as it hopefully demonstrated the process involved in creating and realising a new work to our students.”

Jane Stanley – lecturer, composer & host Glasgow University (October 2013)

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“I thought the workshop was excellent all ’round. The ensemble obviously handled everything well. Playing the pieces certainly, as well as giving feedback and advice. I can’t really think of any way in which it might have been improved except to do things like this as often as possible.”

Glasgow University student workshop participant (October 2013)

“Even from the perspective of someone who was just watching, I learned a lot, I wrote several pages of smaller notes but as an overall impression it was a useful reminder that while composing I need to remember that I’m composing music for players with instruments to perform, in a sense it is a lot less abstract then how I was perceiving it before the workshop. I would also like to say that I really really enjoyed the concert on Friday night. Out of all the contemporary music I’ve seen in concert they somehow made it seem very accessible, it was a great programme. So thanks very much for that!”

Glasgow University student workshop participant (October 2013)

“I really enjoyed the workshop – it was a great way to try out new ideas and have them critiqued by a professional ensemble. I benefitted from their insight on aspects such as dynamics, articulation, phrasing, timbral effects, and performance technique. The ensemble gave feedback and ideas on how to improve the piece, which was very useful to hear from a performance perspective. Also, I found the workshop experience very interesting as it gave an insight into how a composer works with ensembles and how you go back and forth with ideas.”

Glasgow University student workshop participant (October 2013)

“Please do pass on my feedback – the concert was phenomenal in my opinion and I really enjoyed how the musicians changed instrumentation and how they moved to different parts of the concert hall for different pieces. It was very engaging. I’ve signed up to their website to get e-mails about what they were doing – I would love to see them again (especially Jason’s Rad poses!). It was just a very practical session – I wish we could be fortunate to have more ensembles come and play our pieces in lectures because it gives us an insight into how things sound together and how to notate parts so they make more sense to the performers!”

Glasgow University student workshop participant (October 2013)

“I found the ensemble the most useful since being at university. They were very in depth with discussing the instruments, and gave insight to the techniques of playing the instruments. I was very grateful that they presented their knowledge plainly.”

Glasgow University student workshop participant (October 2013)

“I don’t think I could give anything but positive feedback on the workshop! Although we didn’t get an enormous amount of time, I don’t think there’s any replacement for having your ideas tested with actual performers. I do feel that I learned a lot and it has helped me shape my ideas for the final submission in ways that would never have occurred to me otherwise. I’d also like to comment on how encouraging and helpful the ensemble were. They did very well in offering suggestions for improvements without ever being negative or harsh and, as a student composer, I felt comfortable taking on their points. They seemed like genuinely lovely people, who were open to ideas and experimentation. Thanks!”

Glasgow University student workshop participant (October 2013)

“I wanted to write you that this workshop On Friday was amazing. Very interesting to listen and watch, also very good tips were given for the composers. I find such workshops really motivating and helping to look at class work from a different perspective. Moreover, the Ensemble Offspring seemed to be professionals in participating in such a workshop. It was so lovely to watch how softly they are saying their critics to the young composers. The critics were said carefully but never swallowed. Also, the two hours of the workshop were not too long as the Ensemble Offspring were very enthusiastic and astonishing. Many thanks for organizing this workshop!”

Glasgow University student workshop participant (October 2013)

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Hatched – Ensemble Offspring Academy