Flexible Eclectic

Iconic works for open instrumentation

Flexible Eclectic

Flexible Eclectic is the first of Ensemble Offspring’s 2006 projects. In this concert the group will perform three works in the tradition of “open instrumentation”: works deliberately designed to be interpreted by radically different groups of instruments. Four6 by the controversial John Cage is a provocative work for “any means of producing sound”. Philip Glass’s Music in Fifths is early hard-core Minimalism, hypnotic and relentless – the trance music of the 60s. And Sydney composer Damien Ricketson presents an exotic tablature-score that may be rendered into sound via any two wind and two string instruments in Trace Elements.


John Cage
Damien Ricketson
 – Trace Elements
Philip Glass – Music in Fifths


Roland Peelman (conductor/keyboards
Sophie Cole, Damien Ricketson & Thomas Talmacs (violin)
Jason Noble & James Nightingale (wind instruments
Claire Edwardes & Bree van Reyk (percussion)

Past Performances


Newtown RSL, 8pm Wednesday 10th May, 2006