Plastic Noise

Chance music revisited

Plastic Noise

Plastic Noise is Ensemble Offspring’s second project in 2006 that explores ‘open-form’ music: music that is deliberately designed to provoke a multiplicity of possible interpretations. Ensemble Offspring has teamed up with one of the country’s most respected improvisers, Jim Denley, who will work with the ensemble in presenting their first free improvisation and participate in a performance of John Zorn’s Hockey. Zorn’s composition is one of his infamous game pieces, where performers are are provided with an improvising environment governed by rules akin to a sporting game. Hockey, is one of the lesser known but one of the most disciplined and economic of the game pieces and forces the performers into an agile (and quick-witted) interplay of sonic actions. 

Also included on the program, and especially commissioned by Ensemble Offspring, are new works by Australian composers Kate Neal and Matthew Shlomowitz. Both works provide a fresh take on flexibility in music and illustrate that the experimental tradition of ‘open-form’ music is well and truly alive in the 21st century.


Jim Denley – Improvisation
Kate Neal – Hyalus (world premiere)
John Zorn – Hockey
Matthew Shlomowitz – 
Slow Flipping Harmony (world premiere)
Ensemble Offspring

 – Free Improvisation


Jim Denley (wind instruments)
Sophie Cole & Damien Ricketson (violin)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Diana Springford (clarinets)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)

Past Performances

Sydney Newtown RSL, 52 Enmore Rd, 8pm Wednesday 8th November