2013 Quotes & Reviews


“While the quartet’s six-part program showed these Sydney musicians to be confident in their fusion of improvisation, notation and electronics, the outstanding feature of this event was its consistent thread of interest.”

“Beyond Atmospheres, brought re-composers and players together in an engrossing construct that made a valid commentary on the original piece.”

“The ensemble players clearly relished their work…like this event itself, both consistent and chameleonic.”

Clive O’Connell, The Age (Ligeti Morphed)

Classical Concert of the Month February 2013

TimeOut Magazine (Ligeti Morphed)
“Particularly in Continuum (a harpsichord piece performed here on two marimbas) and After Atmospheres (Ligeti’s landmark orchestral work rewritten for two violins and percussionist), lack of devotion to the score’s letter did little to hurt the spirit. For music so conscious of texture and timbre, such liberties could be tantamount to heresy, but rarely has music been reconceived so reverently. Artistic Director (and percussionist) Claire Edwardes devoted so much attention to the music’s pulse that the performance never lacked heart.” Full review here

Ken Smith, Financial Times (Ligeti Morphed)
Click here to go to the Sydney Morning Herald article on Ligeti Morphed “The Music of a Master Remodelled” by Bernard Zuel
“Ensemble Offspring speak well and succinctly, providing commentary on each piece before playing it…The program was a welcome introduction to a subtle and beautiful body of work.” Full article here

Matthew Lorenzon, Partial Durations (Posh Playground)
“Despite the effort, despite the visibly heroic struggles of the performer, the deepest feelings remain trapped by the inadequate means at hand. We bear witness to the gulf between ambition and achievement, between ourselves-in-ourselves and ourselves in others. Normal life. Australia’s Got Talent.” Full review here

Greg Hooper, RealTime Arts (The Listening Museum)
“This was a most enjoyable concert exploring an intriguing and rarely visited sonic landscape. Different, but very accessible, the program proved a hit with barely an empty seat in the house” Full review

Veronica Bailey, Partial Durations (Between the Keys)
Click here for Canberra Times article on Between the Keys by Janet Wilson