2017 Quotes & Reviews

Quotes 2017 Kontiki Racket 600 x 180

“These days, Ensemble Offspring has embarked on a new mission: gender equality in the arts. Throughout 2017, they’ve committed to performing works by female composers only.”
Elspeth Parkinson – Cut Common Magazine
“Groups such as Ensemble Offspring … continue to support new art as a matter of pride and principle.”
Maxim Boon – ArtsHub

“One company which is actively attempting to redress the [gender] imbalance is Ensemble Offspring, which has programmed works exclusively by female composers in 2017.”
Richard Watts – ArtsHub
“Ensemble Offspring were in fine form, presenting some of their most scintillating performances yet.”
Matthew Lorenzon – Partial Durations (Arc Electric, Sydney)
“Ensemble Offspring’s tight-knit sextet delivers evolving colours and an intoxicating range of textures in Arc Electric, a feast of strange and vivid imagery.”
Angus McPherson, Limelight Magazine (Arc Electric, Sydney)
“The concert was ostensibly a celebration of musical creativity…leaving the listener with a sense of the beauty of the world and its fragility”
Peter McCallum – SMH (Arc Electric, Sydney)
“the ensemble (modern instruments plus viola d’amore) plays with commitment and precision”
Shirley Apthorp, Financial Times (Biographica, Sydney)
“Ensemble Offspring, excellent as ever and conducted by Jack Symonds, realise with great finesse Finsterer’s adroitly orchestrated score…”
Keith Gallasch, Realtime Arts (Biographica, Sydney)
“Finsterer’s score [is] expertly delivered by Ensemble Offspring”
Angus McPherson, Limelight Magazine (Biographica, Sydney)
“…eminent guests from Ensemble Offspring, including Claire Edwards and Zubin Kanga, raised the number of instrumentalists to not even a dozen, yet the vast space of Bay 20 was filled with profoundly impressive sounds”
Jason Catlett, Time Out Sydney (Biographica, Sydney)
“Finsterer’s music proved to be as eclectic and wideranging as Cardano’s intellectual pursuits. Scored for a chamber ensemble of strings, woodwinds, keyboards and percussion, Biographica’s complex yet crystalline textures,evocative instrumental colours, intricate rhythms and Renaissance-inspired vocal writing resulted in an absorbing, appealing sound world”
Murray Black, The Australian (Biographica, Sydney)