2019 Quotes & Reviews


“Ensemble Offspring doesn’t shy away from music that can be challenging for both players and audience, but if die-hard new music enthusiasts might have longed for one or two large-scale works – Berio’s Naturale was the only piece to hit the 20-minute mark – this festival was no less satisfying for being digestible, with uniformly high-quality performances and clever programming…” – Angus McPherson, Limelight Magazine

“Kontiki Racket was fantastic – loved the music, loved playing the instruments, loved the venue, loved the food and wine!” – Audience Member.


“The whole day was a gift from Ensemble Offspring – so nice to have a memento in the form of the beautiful photos by Chris Hayles.” – Audience Member

“What a fabulous and unforgettable experience Sizzle 2019 was! Our kids creating music with professionals, working with living composers and performing in a professional setting was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them.” – Audience Member


“…a texture would be established through repeating evolving patterns until a new rhythm emerged and started to dominate, dragging the mind into hearing the patterns in a new speed or context. The shifts in pace provided a change in perspective, as though constantly realising one’s perceptions are part of something larger.” – Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald

 “Wonderful performances that brought the Turbine Hall to life .” – audience member


 “the undoubted highlight of the free program in the city was Robin Fox’s laser and music show in Albert Hall… with the event closing on Saturday night at 11pm with a special live performance by the Ensemble Offspring. There were 5 parts to the performance, which featured drums and the harpsichord, primarily, and proved an incredible experience.” – Larry Heath, AU Review