Critical Acclaim


“Ensemble Offspring’s Epic Fragments had virtuosic energy and exquisite ‘very very soft’ – Alan Holley, ClassikON

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“Designer Michelle St Anne emphasises isolation with, in turn, each soloist half-shadowed at the base of a high cone of misty light and each of the six performances newly positioned amid small softly lit sculptural forms, lending the space a cosmological ambience, apt for lone voices in the vastness of the universe.”

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EO in performance, Roland Peelman conducting.

“Ensemble Offspring never fails to deliver exciting programs and vibrant performances.”

Angus McPherson, Limelight

“I could continue listing milestones…but when it comes to championing new music, Ensemble Offspring walks the walk.”

Mark Bosch, CutCommon

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Quotes 2017 Kontiki Racket 600 x 180

“It’s a ballsy move to open a concert of such uncompromisingly demanding (albeit beautiful) music with a work which systematically undercuts artistic pretention. But when you play these works with such persuasive articulacy, you can get away with pretty much anything. Bravi.”
Harriet Cunningham, A Cunning Blog (Who Dreamed It?, Sydney)
“Ensemble Offspring performed superbly, playing the game with Aszodi with observable watchfulness between members, whether as a trio or, wonderful to witness, a sizeable team admirably coached by Roland Peelman.”
Keith Gallasch, RealTime (Who Dreamed It?, Sydney)

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Quotes 2016 Future Retro High 5 600 x 180

“…not afraid to try new things, pushing the boundaries as an ensemble – both individually as performers but also in what they present to their diverse audiences.”
Kathryn Robinson – ClassikON (Kontiki Racket, Sydney)
“The concert was impressive for the brave choice of new music presented and the excellent musicianship and dedication of Ensemble Offspring to bring it to life.”
Daniel Kaan – ClassikON (Kontiki Racket ,Sydney)

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Quotes 2015 the secret noise katia 600 x 180

“The result was a fresh and stimulating blend of the old and the new.”

“Throughout, imaginative scoring for Ensemble Offspring’s Lamorna Nightingale (flute), Jason Noble (clarinet), Zubin Kanga (prepared piano) and the marvellous percussionist Claire Edwardes, brought many delights.”

Peter Donnelly, The Mercury (Broken Consorts, Hobart)

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Quotes 2014 hurricane transcriptions 600 x 180

“The Ensemble Offspring orchestra excelled, especially in the quickfire transition to a demented big band uproar…The interplay between the words of Dante, Sanguineti, Eliot, Pound and the Bible—as sound—with the acoustic instrumentation and electronic score was exhilarating and, in the end, gently seductive…this moody, sometimes quite disturbing work made its mark in what was a standout festival concert.” Full review here
Keith Gallasch, RealTime (Hurricane Transcriptions/Laborintus II)

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“While the quartet’s six-part program showed these Sydney musicians to be confident in their fusion of improvisation, notation and electronics, the outstanding feature of this event was its consistent thread of interest.”

“Beyond Atmospheres, brought re-composers and players together in an engrossing construct that made a valid commentary on the original piece.”

“The ensemble players clearly relished their work…like this event itself, both consistent and chameleonic.”

Clive O’Connell, The Age (Ligeti Morphed)

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“the best I ever heard the piece played. Really, I’m serious. It really is. It absolutely is.” – Steve Reich commenting on the performance of Music for 18 Musicians in ‘Steve Reich: A Celebration’ with Synergy Percussion, Ensemble Offspring, Halcyon and Eighth Blackbird.

“an air of risk-taking pervaded the concert. The unusual sound sources such as megaphones, 78rpm recordings, buckets, bottles and sandpaper were better appreciated in solos and duos where the audience could closely watch the performers”
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Quotes page pic 2011 600 x 180

“This hour-long promenade performance has its audience free to roam like wide-eyed shoppers. Scenes take place around and among us. The eye-catching percussionist Claire Edwardes and bass clarinet player Jason Noble play a mashed-up score of real, toy and cleverly invented instruments – interspersed with in-store announcements.”

Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald (Bargain Garden)

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