Meet The Artist: Christopher Fox

Veronique on a purple background.

Christopher Fox is a British-based composer whose work has been described as “impossible to categorise”. We’ll be performing his new work ‘Iron Rain‘ at our upcoming Kontiki Racket Festival.

Yes, we admit, we’re big fans of performing Christopher Fox’s work and have a long history with this prolific composer who is a professor at Brunel University in London. He’s described his own music as “often working at a tangent to the musical mainstream”. We love his quirky work for hi-hat and clarinet ‘Reeling’ and have performed this many times over. (Have a look at the video of last year’s performance below.)

Christopher’s new work ‘Iron Rain’ hits a more tragic tone and is dedicated to his wife who passed away at the end of 2018. It is composed for the original trio combination of aluphone, piano and electric guitar.

Here’s a little insight into his writing process:

“One morning in July 2018 I woke up with the echo of a clangorous music in my head. As I tried to hang onto it the sounds coalesced into a piano, its notes both struck and sustained an electric guitar and bell-like percussion. I emailed Claire Edwardes: she said the music might be suitable for Ensemble Offspring, and she told me she had just bought an aluphone, which turned out to ring in just the way I was imagining. I began trying to write down what I’d heard in my dream, eventually finishing the score in April 2019. Iron Rain is dedicated to Claire Edwardes and to the memory of my wife, Susan McNally, who died in December”

We’re humbled to be able to perform Christophers’s new work at Kontiki Racket Festival in June and would love to show you this moving piece.

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You can find out more about Christopher Fox on his website.