Hark the Machine revisited

Blair, Lamorna, Claire, Jason playing in front of Utzon Room windows.

In February of this year Ensemble Offspring presented Hark the Machine, at Sydney Opera House. ABC Classic FM’s Stephen Adams has devoted one of his in-depth podcast episodes to this remarkable event, for New Waves:

“The idea was to investigate the meeting point of machine and emotion, of control and the roughened edges of human performance. New Waves brought the ensemble in studio to record three new works from the program reflecting three very different takes on the possibilities of contemporary chamber music.

The composers speak about their ideas and approach, from the influence of environment, to the resonance of a C19th poet’s ideas on the artists’ life, to making a piece of ‘absolute music’ that rides the tensions between divergent musical aesthetics from medieval to lounge.”


Hear the music, along with the fascinating ideas and passions that drove its creation.