Meet The Artist: Missy Mazzoli

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Missy Mazzoli is truly one of a kind. With a reputation for “being consistently inventive” and “daring” she’s also been labelled as “Brooklyn’s Post-millennial Mozart”. We’ll be performing her work ‘Orrizonte’ at our upcoming Kontiki Racket Festival.

Her compositions have been performed all over the world from the New York City Opera to the Sydney Symphony and many others. She’s even been nominated for a Grammy for her piece “Vespers” which features a stunning video in the Mojave desert. Seriously, it’s worth taking the time to watch and listen to this masterpiece.

Missy at Kontiki Racket.

Audience members will be lucky enough to hear her piece Orrizonte performed at Kontiki Racket Festival on Friday night by our very own Zubin Kanga.

She had the following to say in a personal message to our fans on Facebook:

“Orrizonte is the Italian word for horizons, and the work describes a very particular kind of illusion where water blends into the sky and horizon are sort of blurred.”

We should also note that we’re huge fans of Missy not just for her amazing composition work but also her consistent championing of the need for more female representation in the music industry.

In an interview with Women’s Media Centre, she shared the following experiences from the industry:

“Men are more often given opportunities based on potential, while women are constantly asked to provide proof, again and again, that they are capable of ambitious projects.”

She then went on to say:

“I get a lot of strength and inspiration from the fearless women and girls of the next generation.”

Go Missy! We wholeheartedly agree – and in 2018 – we had a 52% pieces we performed were written by female composers.

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Keen to hear Missy’s work? Purchase a ticket to our amazing Kontiki Racket Festival taking place on Fri 21 – Sat 22 June. You can find out more information about Missy on her website.