Meet The Artist: Samantha Wolf

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Melbourne-based composer and pun enthusiast Samantha Wolf is quickly gaining recognition as one of Australia’s most distinctive young voices. A graduate of the Queensland and Melbourne Conservatoriums, and the recipient of numerous awards, her music has been described as ‘haunting’ ‘enigmatic’ and ‘inspired’. She uses elements of solo, chamber, choral, band and orchestral works, interdisciplinary collaborations, and electroacoustic and fixed media works that incorporate noise, speech, and found sounds.

At Ensemble Offspring, we have a strong connection to Samantha, who took part in our 2018 Hatched Academy Composer School. We think everybody is in for an aural treat at this year’s Kontiki Racket. Why? Because you’ll get to her hear world premier Simmer which will be performed on Friday night of Kontiki Racket festival by our current Hatched Academy Associate, Henry Justo.

The Writing Process

When quizzed on the writing process, she explains the following;

Recently, I’ve been very interested in exploring different ways of blending musical and extramusical elements in my compositions. At various times, this has included things like speech, environmental sounds, and ‘found’ sounds like cracking eggshells and bowed metal bowls. Simmer represents a renewed focus on acoustic, instrumental sounds, albeit with a foot still firmly planted in the world of noise.”

A performance of Samantha Wolf’s “Unbelonging’.

About Simmer

Her new piece Simmer has a renewed focus on ‘acoustic, instrumental sounds, albeit with a foot still firmly planted in the world of noise.’

She explains the following about Simmer:

“The piece is essentially a journey through a collection of sounds that sit just at the threshold of pitch and noise, creating a strange sense of tension as they threaten to boil over at any moment. The unusual combination of Trumpet, Viola, and Percussion creates a fertile ground for exploring this sort of territory, and it’s been really fun to work with Callum, Henry, and Niki to uncover all the wonderful possibilities.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what those possibilities produce!

Buy tickets to Kontiki Racket

Keen to hear Samantha’s work? Purchase a ticket to our amazing Kontiki Racket Festival taking place on Fri 21 – Sat 22 June. You can find out more information about Samantha on her website.