“the best I ever heard the piece played. Really, I’m serious. It really is. It absolutely is.” – Steve Reich commenting on the performance of Music for 18 Musicians in ‘Steve Reich: A Celebration’ with Synergy Percussion, Ensemble Offspring, Halcyon and Eighth Blackbird.

“an air of risk-taking pervaded the concert. The unusual sound sources such as megaphones, 78rpm recordings, buckets, bottles and sandpaper were better appreciated in solos and duos where the audience could closely watch the performers”
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“This hour-long promenade performance has its audience free to roam like wide-eyed shoppers. Scenes take place around and among us. The eye-catching percussionist Claire Edwardes and bass clarinet player Jason Noble play a mashed-up score of real, toy and cleverly invented instruments – interspersed with in-store announcements.”

Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald (Bargain Garden)

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“World New Music Days’ resident musicians Ensemble Offspring took over with chamber music from Canada, Denmark, France and the Antipodes. The first work, Bruce Crossman’s Not Broken Bruised Reed, quickly established just how good these musicians are. The performers played not just efficiently but with real style and charisma, making newborn works all their own.”

Harriet Cunningham, Sydney Morning Herald (ISCM World New Music Days)

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