In 2017, Ensemble Offspring launched an annual recording series of living music – Offspring Bites. This new initiative showcases the finest chamber works commissioned by Ensemble Offspring by Australian and international composers each year through our Noisy Egg Creation Fund. In addition to Offspring Bites, the group has previously released six recordings covering a broad spectrum of the group’s musical output, available for sale and download.

Offspring Bites 1 (2017)

Album Cover - Offspring Bites 1Offspring Bites 1 showcases well-known Australian composer, Mary Finsterer, alongside the highly talented young composer, Tristan Coelho, and Berlin-based, Mexican composer and sound artist, Juan Felipe Waller. Their works couldn’t be more different but what they do have in common is an uncompromising aesthetic and an obsession with new and unique sound worlds.

Download the full recording notes here (pdf)

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Cycles and Circles (2015)

Cycles and Circles - Album Cover Described by Artistic Director, Claire Edwardes, as “an organic listening experience”, Cycles and Circles is a unique collection of works inspired by nature and organic patterns found in our world. Placing Australian works in an international context, Ensemble Offspring offers up an aural feast – one that is at once both visceral and poetic. Featuring world premiere recordings of works by Ligeti, Moore, Humberstone, Ricketson, Harrison and Stanley.
“EO champions innovation, invention & adventure, epitomising all that is unconventional.”

Lloyd Syke, Syke on Stage

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The Secret Noise (2014)

Between the Keys - Album CoverThe Secret Noise is a surreal and fantastical project exploring music and secrecy. Created by composer Damien Ricketson and performed by Ensemble Offspring, the dreamlike work has been inspired by cultural practices that deliberately shield music from public life including forbidden ceremonies, legally extinguished music, covert music-making and private love songs.

The Secret Noise EP is a surreal dreamlike recording featuring newly invented whirling instruments. The Secret Noise CD is a spacious and immersive experience cast over a single 45 minute track.

“Ricketson is a composer whose skill lies in his unique control of sonority.”

Maxim Boon, Limelight

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Recording released by Curious Noise.

Between the Keys (2013)

Between the Keys - Album CoverBetween The Keys is the extension of our project exploring the work of iconic composer Harry Partch. His music was so radical he needed to build his own orchestra of new instruments to play it. For Between the Keys, we commissioned new instruments from local instrument builders and explored just intonation in world premieres by Narushima, Grady, Cole and Philip Glass.

“Dedicated to new music and new ideas in music performance, Ensemble Offspring has produced a recording of most unusual compositions, based around a new tuning system.”

Barry Walmsley, blog

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Recording released by Curious Noise.

Springtime (2010)

Springtime - Album CoverEnsemble Offspring’s dedication to innovative new music is summed up in this release with an all-premiere collection of works by Finnissy, Smetanin, Tonkin, Ricketson, Shlomowitz and Kos. Springtime sparkles with the energy and vitality that characterise Ensemble Offspring’s live performances. Featuring introductory notes by legendary Australian musicologist Richard Toop.

“Ensemble Offspring’s razor-sharp precision, textural clarity, incisive attack and thrilling virtuosity created one of the most stimulating and challenging concerts I’ve heard in recent years.”

Murray Black, The Australian

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Recording released by Curious Noise.

Fractured Again (2010)

Fractured Again - ArtworkConceived by Damien Ricketson with video art by Andrew Wholley, Fractured Again is a striking audio-visual work exploring the fragile medium of glass. Premiered at the Sydney Festival and toured to China, this multisensory recording features musical instruments made of glass including the incredibly rare glass harmonica.

” … magnificent gonglike instruments made of glass sounded like all the bells of Venice heard through a deep mist.”

Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald

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Recording released by Curious Noise.

A Line Has Two (2008)

A Line Has Two - Album CoverA Line Has Two is a large-scale sonic-literary work by Australian composer Damien Ricketson and renowned poet Christopher Wallace-Crabbe. As well as the sounds of the voice, clarinet, marimba and vibraphone, the work includes an unusual palette of instruments including bowed-crystal glasses an Argentine bamboo saxophone, Balinese gongs and electronics.

“…sounds seemed to hover in the air before they landed exquisitely in one’s ear. This work is like a wooden box of very small compartments full of delicious treats for the ears and eyes.”

Keith Gallasch, Realtime

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Recording released by Curious Noise.