Sizzle 2010

Kicking off our first ever Sizzle series

Sizzle was conceived by Ensemble Offspring as an alternative musical event for Sydney in winter – a way of getting contemporary classical music off the podium and into people’s Sunday arvos. A relaxed and casual affair including food, drinks and a bowlo favourite – bingo, each afternoon is curated by an Ensemble Offspring member, reflecting their unique personal tastes and varied collaborative projects.

Join us as we shed our concert blacks and share the stage with our friends to bring you 3 cross-genre events with a difference.

Program and Performers

Concert 1 – Waverley

Curated by clarinettist Jason Noble, the first Sizzle kicks-off this Sunday at Waverley Bowlo featuring an 11-clarinet Steve Reich extravaganza, dancer Kip Gamblin, microtonal improv duo Clocks and Clouds, Matty Hoare’s analogue electro-beat producing thwopper, an MC with a few tricks up his sleeve and of course, Ensemble Offspring.

Steve Reich – New York Counterpoint (11 live clarinets)

Larry Polansky – Ensembles of Note (percussion, clarinet, flute, cello)

Terumi Narushima – Taste your Poison (2 clarinets)

Roberto Sierra – Bongo-0 (bongos)

Kip Gamblin & Linda Ridgway (Dance duo)
Matty Hoare – Thwopper
Clocks and Clouds Duo (improv)

Concert 2 – Petersham

Percussionist and drummer Bree van Reyk curates our July Sizzle at Petersham with a presentation of John Cage’s Lecture on Commitment, featuring a collection of Sydney musicians and visual/performance artists… Includes massed minimal music by Louis Andriessen, Philip Glass and Mr Cage himself.

Zoe and the Buttercups
Louis Andriessen – Worker’s Union
Watch video
Bree van Reyk – Duet with Blindfold (Bree van Reyk and Timothy Constable – percussion)
Holly Throsby
John Cage – Newport Mix (Bob Scott – electronics)
John Cage – Lecture on Commitment
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Terry Riley – In C
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Philip Glass
Agatha Gothe-Snape
Jess Green
Brian Fuata

Concert 3 – Camperdown

Not your run-of-the-mill classical violinist, Veronique Serret curates our August Sizzle at Camperdown Bowling Club featuring The Noise Ensemble, Actual Russian Brides (Elle Knox’s arty new band), some fluxus inspired perplexity, a visual artist and DJ as well as yours truly, Ensemble Offspring.

James Eccles and Oliver Miller – The Noise (improv – viola and cello)
Damian Barbeler – Confession 2 (Lamorna Nightingale – piccolo)
Bingo hosted by Matthew Potter
Bran Tart Merger (Adrian Bertram and Geoffrey Gartner – electronics and cello)
Actual Russian Brides (Elle Knos and Lindsay Webb – vox and electronics)
Giacinto Scelsi – Ko Lho I & II (Jason Noble and Lamorna Nightingale – clarinet and flute with live art drawing)
Matthew Potter – The Great Art Appraisal (performance)
Kay/Reaston/Cameron Effect – (music by Martin Kay, Dave Reaston and Jaimie Cameron)

Past Performances

Waverley Bowling Club, 163 Birrell St, 4pm Sunday 20th June, 2010
Petersham Bowling Club, 77 Brighton St, 4pm Sunday 18th July, 2010
Camperdown Bowling Club, Mallet St, 
4pm Sunday 1st August, 2010

Tickets (only at the door)

$15/$10 on the door (kids free)


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