Slow Flipping Harmonies

Ricketson, Shlomowitz & Xenakis celebration

Make a night of it at Newtown’s The Vanguard and The Bendigo Bank Theatre in Bendigo with Slow Flipping Harmonies – a showcase by the group’s two original founders. Described as arty farty charades, Matthew Shlomowitz’s most recent ‘letter piece’ for trio is sure to mesmerise. Australian audiences have the opportunity to experience the musical suite from Damien Ricketson’s magical Fractured Again and the iconoclastic Iannis Xenakis rounds out the program with wild slides, primordial rhythms and raw energy.


Damien Ricketson – Fractured Again Suite
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Damien Ricketson – Some Shade of Blue
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Matthew Shlomowitz – Slow Flipping Harmony
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Matthew Shlomowitz – Letter Piece 8 (Sit up Stand down)

Iannis Xenakis – Rebonds A/B
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Iannis Xenakis – Mikka/Mikka S


James Cuddeford (violin)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Bree van Reyk (accordion)

Past Performances

Sydney The Vanguard, 8pm Wednesday 11th September (Meal & Show deal from 7pm) 2013

Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music, The Capital – Bendigo Bank Theatre, 4pm Saturday 14th September 2013


$25/$15/$60 meal+show thevanguard.com.au or call 02 9557 7992
$20/$15 thecapital.com.au

Media & Acclaim

“The last section, in which James Cuddeford heroically reached further and further into the violin’s screeching territory…illustrated thrilling perils…”

Sydney Morning Herald


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