Offspring meets the Splinter Orchestra

Cornelius Cardew’s epic Treatise on musical democracy 
invites all with open ears and a sense of imagination to join in the creation of music. 
In this unique rendition, the visually beautiful yet sonically ambiguous graphic score brings 
together Ensemble Offspring and the NOW now. With additional sets by the Splinter Orchestra and Ensemble Offspring (performing works 
by Australian Marcus Whale, Belgian based Brit Joanna Bailie and American trumpeter Kris
Tiner) join us at Sydney’s funkiest warehouse for a radical evening of composed and
 improvised music.

Treatise Page 183

Presented by New Music Network


Joanna Bailie – On and Off 2 (2008)
Kris Tiner – Ele(jg)y (2008)
Marcus Whale – Slatted Light (2010)
The Splinter Orchestra – improvisation
Cornelius Cardew – Treatise (1963 – 67)


Veronique Serret (violin)
Mike Majkowski (double bass)
Diana Springford, Jason Noble (clarinet)
Rishin Singh (trombone)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Damien Ricketson, Jason Noble (boombox
Adam Sussman (guitar)
Martin Ng (turntables, electronics) 

Adam Sussman, Aemon Webb, Alex Masso, Alon Lisar, Brianne Curran, Chris Abrahams, Dominic Prukinski, Emily McDaniel, Finn Ryan, Gail Priest, Grant
Arthur, Heather Shannon, James Waples, Jeremy Tatar, Jim Denley, Jo Derrick, Joe Cummins, John Wilton, Jon Watts, Laura Altman, Marcus Whale, Martin Kirkwood, Mel Herbert, Mike Majkowski, Monika Brooks, Nadene Pita, Peter Farrar, Rishin Singh, Rory Brown, Sam Pettigrew, Simon Ferenci, Sonya Holowell, Tim Cunningham, Tim Wall, Tony Osborne

Past Performances

Sydney Red Rattler Theatre, 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville, 8pm Thursday 5th May 2011

Media & Acclaim

“an implicit power relationship emerged at the end when suddenly everyone went quiet except for the percussionist who interspersed long pauses with short improvised gestures”

Sydney Morning Herald

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