Events 2007

Eggs and Baskets

So very silly music

Eggs & Baskets

Who said conceptual music isn’t fun? Tom Johnson asks how many ways can 6 eggs be put into 2 baskets and showcases 3 performers presenting as much music as possible with as little effort as possible. Christopher Fox, Richard Ayers, and Damian Barbeler present works sure to entertain and infuriate with their playful critique of the art music tradition. Read more

2007 Sibelius Student Composer Awards

Australia’s most prestigious young composer awards

2007 Sibelius Student Composer Awards

In collaboration with Sibelius Australia, Ensemble Offspring unearths the finest that Australia’s next generation of composers have to offer. Also featuring works written especially for the ensemble by Bozidar Kos and Michael Finnissy alongside Australian Composer Michael Smetanin’s Spray. Read more

Tehillim 2007

Reich's classic work for ensemble and voices

Tehillim 2007

Ensemble Offspring teams up with Halcyon and Synergy Percussion to present Steve Reich’s seminal Tehillim. This driving, inspirational piece for four female voices, six percussionists and large instrumental ensemble, is an explosive mix of folk and sacred music with crisp, ecstatic rhythms and exotic melodic lines. Read more

Crippled Symmetry

Works from iconic New York composer Morton Feldman

Crippled Symmetry

Bring your own cushion, take a glass of complimentary wine and make yourself comfortable for an intimate and mesmerising evening of sound and light. 

Crippled Symmetry takes its name from the work of the iconic Morton Feldman: a composer renowned for delicate quiet works cast over large time-frames. Read more

Cage Uncaged

Ensemble Offspring & The Song Co explore the legacy of John Cage

Cage Uncaged 2007

This mini festival is a unique collaboration between the singers of The Song Company and the musicians of Ensemble Offspring. Over three distinct programs, three particular aspects of Cage are explored, featuring no less than ten works by Cage, many of his later period, and a number of new creations written as a response by composers such Read more