Events 2010

Fractured Again (Sydney)

A striking audio-visual work exploring the fragile medium of glass

Fractured Again

Fractured Again is a fragile and exotic work on the theme of glass. The work is a multi-faceted performance experience, combining music with video, lighting design and installation art. Featuring the rare and angelic-sounding glass harmonica, Fractured Again is inspired by a scene from Donizetti’s opera Lucia di Lammermoor. Read more

Open Music 2010

An inspired call to action

Open Music

The concept of the open-form has long been a fascination for Ensemble Offspring. The works in our Open Music program are not fixed in the imagination of the composer, but fluid objects rendered afresh with every performance. Hockey by the radical avant-jazz artist John Zorn is one of his infamous game pieces. Read more

The Oriental Other

Western art music's representation of its Oriental other

The Oriental Other

Ensemble Offspring and Riley Lee will present three contemporary works that explore Western art music’s representation of its Oriental other: based primarily in Europe, but of partial Chinese heritage, Tona Scherchen-Hsiao’s suite, Yi, is one of her only works to tangibly recall the folk music of her years spent with her mother in China; Read more

ISCM World New Music Days

Ensemble in residence 2010

ISCM Festival 2010

Resident ensemble at the 2010 International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) World New Music Days, Ensemble Offspring dazzled their audience with their combination of virtuosity and musical brilliance. ISCM is an international network of members from around fifty countries, devoted to the promotion and presentation of contemporary music Read more

NIME – Sydney

New Interfaces for Computer Mediated Musical Expression

NIME Sydney 2010

New Interfaces for Computer Mediated Musical Expression concert hosted by UTS in Sydney covered a broad program of events in 2010. Amongst the presentation of papers and spoken presentations, Ensemble Offspring was featured in one of the main evening concerts as part of NIME. The academic conference focused on the theme of computer mediated Read more

Sizzle 2010

Kicking off our first ever Sizzle series


Sizzle was conceived by Ensemble Offspring as an alternative musical event for Sydney in winter – a way of getting contemporary classical music off the podium and into people’s Sunday arvos. A relaxed and casual affair including food, drinks and a bowlo favourite – bingo, each afternoon is curated by an Ensemble Offspring member, Read more

Thirteen Colours 2010

Exploring colour in music

Thirteen Colours 2010

Allow yourself to be drawn through slowly transforming colours of seemingly infinite depth and subtlety in a program of rich and refined
chamber music. Taking it’s name from the work of composer Tristan Murail’s Treize Couleurs du soleil couchant, Thirteen Colours is an ongoing exploration of the representation of colour in music Read more

Ross Edwards

Composer in focus

Ross Edwards

One of Australia’s best known composers, Ross Edwards seeks to reconnect music with elemental forces and restore such qualities as ritual, spontaneity and the impulse to dance. He is the 2010 Composer-in-Focus at Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre and will be in person at ‘the Joan’ for this special event, Read more

Zodiac 2010

Works from a master of 20th century music


Experience the zodiac through the unique ears of the legendary Karlheinz Stockhausen. Comprised of twelve sublime melodies, Tierkreis (Zodiac) has been described as the Für Elise of Stockhausen due to its immediately memorable and affectionate quality. Tierkreis was originally written for specially-designed music boxes in the children’s theatre piece Read more

Thumbnail image for West Head Project V – Middle Head

The West Head Project has been presented at Ku-ring-gai National Park annually from 2007. In 2010, the project continues the tradition at Middle Head, Mosman in the Sydney Harbour National Park. With a beautiful natural setting, the point offers an amazing group of abandoned military bunkers and gun positions that function as amphitheatres Read more