The Oriental Other

Western art music's representation of its Oriental other

The Oriental Other

Ensemble Offspring and Riley Lee will present three contemporary works that explore Western art music’s representation of its Oriental other: based primarily in Europe, but of partial Chinese heritage, Tona Scherchen-Hsiao’s suite, Yi, is one of her only works to tangibly recall the folk music of her years spent with her mother in China; written especially for Ensemble Offspring, Bruce Crossman’s Not Broken Bruised Reed aspires to capture the artistry of calligraphic gesture in sound; the University’s own Anne Boyd freely acknowledges her debt to Asia in her conception of music as meditation.


Tona Scherchen-Hsiao – Yi
Bruce Crossman – Not Broken Bruised Reed (world premiere)
Anne Boyd – Goldfish Through Summer Rain


Riley Lee (Shakuhachi)
Anna McMichael (violin)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Timothy Constable (percussion)
Zubin Kanga (piano)

Past Performances

Sydney Sydney Conservatorium
, Recital Hall West, 6pm Friday April 23rd, 2010