Ensemble Offspring: Mona Foma

Claire Edwardes and Bree van Reyk perform percussion blindfolded

Take two multi-talented percussionists, blindfold them, ask each to choose their instruments at random, press play.


MONA Barrel Room, 11am Friday 15 January 2016
MONA Nolan Room, 11:15am Saturday 16 January 2016
You can attend both concerts as part of a MOFO 3-day festival pass $139/$179


Bree van Reyk – Duet with Blindfold
Steve Reich – Music for Pieces of Wood
Bree van Reyk – A Series of Breaths
Iannis Xenakis – Rebonds A/B
Gyorgy Ligeti – Continuum


Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Bree van Reyk (percussion)

Media and Acclaim

“In Mona’s winery barrel room, Claire Edwardes and Bree Van Reyk of Sydney organisation Ensemble Offspring built hypnotic patterns, sometimes playing blindfolded, sometimes with eyes open.”
Adam Morton, The Age
“★★★★★ Ensemble Offspring percussionists astound at this year’s Mofo.”
Stephanie Eslake, Limelight Magazine
“In lieu of their vision, the ears were clearly working overtime as the piece ended with one of the widest and smoothest diminuendos I’ve ever heard, demonstrating the oft-forgotten dynamic capabilities of the percussion instruments.”
Thomas Misson, Cut Common
“Ensemble Offspring may be classically trained, but they have used this training to push the boundaries of sound with true innovation, leaving audiences wide-eyed.”
Melissa Davey, The Guardian
“Edwardes and Van Reyk controlled the vortex of perpetually propelled sound to wrap up a program that showcased these two powerhouse percussionists to perfection.”
Delia Bartle, RealTime Arts