Sizzle 2016

laire Edwardes and Marcus Whale Sizzle games.

Sizzle is contemporary classical music without the formal wear – a place to relax and enjoy new sounds – from art music to pop music and everything in between.

Returning to Petersham Bowlo for our ninth Sizzle, catch modern sounds with a medieval twist, rollicking rhythms for eight instruments by Steve Reich, and interactive whirling music for all ages. Have your ears tickled by an installation of fishing rods, singing bowls and toys. Topped off with electro pop from our local heroes, Paul Mac and Jonny Seymour, join us in the clubhouse for a few bevies and fun musical mash-ups.

Best of all, it’s free! Bring the whole family along and have some fun with Ensemble Offspring, our Hatched Academy, and some of our favourite friends.

In the spirit of creating unique experiences, we will also be offering special, private performers for a donation on the day. Spend some time with:

  • Kaylie Dunstan – dancing snare drum queen
  • Claire Edwardes – mesmerising on toy grand piano
  • Mary Rapp – our serenading cellist
  • Jason Noble – blowing, hooting and tooting
  • Only twelve spaces available, so book a spot with your favourite performer here.


    Sydney Petersham Bowling Club, 3pm Sunday 24th April FREE


    Steve Reich – Eight Lines
    Thomas Meadowcroft – Medieval Rococo (WP)
    Damien Ricketson – The Secret Noise (interactive whirlies/dance/clarinet)
    Julia Reidy/Mary Rapp Duo (electric guitar/cello)
    David Moran Solo (cello/voice)
    Paul Mac/Jonny Seymour – Stereogamous (DJ set)
    Cor Fuhler – Lady Bell and the Rules of Lawn Bowling (installation)
    Private performances


    Claire Edwardes (percussion)
    Lamorna Nightingale (flute)
    Zubin Kanga (keyboard)
    Jason Noble (clarinet)
    Kathy Cogill (dance)
    Thomas Meadowcroft (electronics)
    Kaylie Dunstan (percussion)
    Paul Mac/Jonny Seymour (DJ’s)
    Anna McMichael (violin)
    Naomi Radom (flute)
    Mishi Stern (violin)
    David Moran (cello)
    Mary Rapp (cello/voice/double bass)
    Julia Reidy (electric guitar)

    Sizzle is supported by Marrickville Council
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