Birdsong at Dawn

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Sydney’s champions of adventurous new music, Ensemble Offspring, return to WSU in their core trio line up of flute, clarinet and percussion.

It’s a program of all female composers shining the limelight on the new – every work on the program was either written specifically for the musicians of Ensemble Offspring or within the last ten years. All but one of the works are by Australian composers, many of which have an association with WSU and a common theme is birdsong and the weird and wonderful squeaks, croaks and creaks of Australian native animals. Ensemble Offspring present bight sized, fun and up-beat works which will re-energise your lunchtime!

Photograph by Bill Chen


30 MARCH, 1:15pm, Playhouse Theatre, Western Sydney University, Kingswood Campus


Holly Harrison – Frogstomp (flute, clarinet, percussion) 5’
Melody Eötvös – Tardigradus (flute, percussion, electronics) 6’
Felicity Wilcox – Yurabirong (bass clarinet solo) 6’
Fiona Loader – Lorikeet Corroboree (flute, clarinet, vibraphone) 7′
Hollis Taylor – Owen Springs Reserve 2014 (solo vibes + tape) 6’
Cynthia Hou – Wind (flute, clarinet, percussion) 4’
Melody Eötvös – Leafcutter (clarinet, vibraphone) 5′
Holly Harrison – Vibe Rant (flute, clarinet, vibraphone) 5’


Jason Noble (clarinet)
Lamorna Nightingale (flute)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)