Veronique on a purple background.

Ensemble Offspring are playing at Classical:NEXT Showcase Festival in Rotterdam in May. This is a rare opportunity to share our music with people from all around the world. Across different formats including showcases, conference panels and pitches, Classical:NEXT presents artists and ensembles from every part of our globe that pushes the boundaries and extend the horizons of art music. The Showcase Festival shows artists and productions in a series of short, live concerts designed to put on display the most extraordinary talents available in contemporary music.


16-19 May, Jurriaanse Zaal, De Dolen, Rotterdam

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Andrea Keller – Love in Solitude (flute, clarinet, piano percussion, electronics) 15’
Kate Moore – Fern (flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, electronics) 12′


Claire Edwardes (Artistic Director/percussion)
Lamorna Nightingale (flute)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Zubin Kanga (piano)