Boiling down the world’s vast cauldron of myths, legends and literature, seven archetypal stories emerge: the quest; overcoming darkness; rags to riches; the fatal flaw; the comedy of errors; journey; and finally transformation.

Seven genre-defying artists from across the Australian musical landscape, along with wordsmith Hilary Bell, reflect on these oldest and most intrinsic of tales and weave their re-imaginings into an concert of aural delights. The result is at once visceral, funny and otherworldly.

Seven Stories was premiered to great acclaim at City Recital Hall for Vivid and in 2018 it returns, this time on tour as part of the Port Fairy Spring Festival. Seven Stories features the Ensemble Offspring crew plus all the composers joining them on stage – Amanda Brown (The Go-Betweens), Jodi Phillis (The Clouds), Caitlin Yeo, Kyls Burtland and, of course, the inimitable Bree van Reyk, Sally Whitwell and Jane Sheldon. So settle in for an experience of fearless song, tall tales and rattling yarns.


Sunday October 14, AM, Port Fairy (Vic)
Tickets on sale soon


Caitlin Yeo – The Quest
Jodi Phillis – Overcoming the Darkness
Amanda Brown – Rags to Riches
Sally Whitwell – Fatal Flaw
Bree van Reyk – Comedy of Errors
Kyls Burtland – Journey
Jane Sheldon – Transformation


Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Bree van Reyk (percussion)
Jane Sheldon (soprano)
Sally Whitwell (piano)
Veronique Serret (violin)
Freya Schack-Arnott (cello)
Jason Noble (clarinet)