A World of Glass: Canberra International Music Festival

Ensemble Offspring A world of Glass

It’s 1968 and a young upstart sitting in Manhattan, rewrites the history of Western music on his terms and from scratch. Ensemble Offspring take Glass’s very early ‘dots’ and turns them into music—melody, harmony and counterpoint.

We will then add voices and violin and end with the coolest form of romanticism ever imagined in Music with Changing Parts.

Join us on an epic ride into the unique mind of a young Philip Glass.

Past Performances

Canberra National Gallery of Australia, 1pm Sunday 10th May

Ensemble Offspring will also be featured at the festival in:
Sounds on Site IV: National Botanic Gardens, 12pm Thursday 7th May
Movers and Shakers: Fitter’s Workshop, 3pm Saturday 9th May


Philip Glass – 1 + 1
Philip Glass – Two Pages
Philip Glass – Music in Fifths
Philip Glass – Music in Similar Motion
Philip Glass – Music in Contrary Motion
Philip Glass – Knee Plays
Philip Glass – Music with Changing Parts


Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Bree van Reyk (percussion)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
James Nightingale (saxophone)
Gabi Sultana (piano)
Alister Spence (piano)
The Song Company

Media & Acclaim

“A World of Glass…was one of the most exciting listening experiences I have ever enjoyed.”
Jennifer Gall, SMH
“The ensemble rose to the occasion with spirited and exciting versions (of Glass’s works)…[Music with Changing Parts] was played with such effervescent joy by Ensemble Offspring that…the music became transcendental, following the path of the earlier works with their turbo-charged rhythmic propulsion, yet now with an overlay of free floating elements that danced in and out and around. This was Glass’ music at its finest!”
Jim Cotter, CityNews.com.au
“I loved this gig. I’d been bathed in beats and crossing rhythms of few, repetitive notes and tapped my foot dry (most just sat still, this being a classical audience, but how could you not move to those deliciously abstruse beats), absorbed some beautiful tone and voices and meditated on this all.”
Eric Pozza, Canberra Jazz Blog