Ensemble Offspring in 2017

Welcome to Ensemble Offspring 2017

A sonic wonderland of dream, fantasy and drama is set to be unleashed with Ensemble Offspring’s 2017 season of supersensory stimulation. New works inspired by birdcalls and honeybees, a voyage through the oldest of stories, and a dive into the nocturnal imagination are just some of the hallucinatory excursions on offer in this sometimes intimate, sometimes overwhelming series of surprises.

Featuring 16 world premieres, for 2017 Ensemble Offspring has assembled a calendar of work exclusively composed by women from Australia and abroad. Kicking off with an outrageously talented lineup celebrating International Women’s Day, Arc Electric will showcase composers whose imaginations know no limits. Seven Stories will turn to the common narratives that cross cultures and history with unexpected contributions from artists from the worlds of pop, rock and screen composition, while Who Dreamed It? dives head-first into the surreal underworld of fairytales, dreams and delirious delight.

Throughout it all, Ensemble Offspring maintains the commitment to rich, refined and aurally intriguing new experiences that has cemented its reputation as the country’s top exponents of living music.

Close your eyes and jump in.

Photo credit (above): Ponch Hawkes


MARCH 4 & 5, Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, presented as part of All About Women Festival 2017

MARCH 8, The Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre, presented on International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Ensemble Offspring perform a showcase of curious, bold and brilliant compositions by women from around the world.

Bringing together works from renowned Australian composers Liza Lim and Kate Moore, towering Finnish legend Kaija Saariaho and emerging talent from home and abroad, Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes, Melody Eötvös and Cassie To, this is music to be seen, heard and felt..



MARCH 30, 1:15pm, Playhouse Theatre, Western Sydney Uni, Kingswood Campus

It’s a program of all female composers shining the limelight on the new – every work on the program was either written specifically for the musicians of Ensemble Offspring or within the last ten years. All but one of the works are by Australian composers, many of which have an association with WSU and a common theme is birdsong and the weird and wonderful squeaks, croaks and creaks of Australian native animals. Ensemble Offspring present bight sized, fun and up-beat works which will re-energise your lunchtime!


APRIL 23, 3pm, Petersham Bowling Club

Sizzle is contemporary classical music without the formal wear – a place to relax and enjoy new sounds – from art music to pop music and everything in between – in 2017 featuring work by female artists including Sirens Big Band, Ensemble Offspring’s own Bree van Reyk, Melbourne’s Aviva Endean and interactive music by Elizabeth Jigalin with instruments sourced from Reverse Garbage (Marrickville).


JUNE 3, 7:30pm, City Recital Hall, presented by Ensemble Offspring, City Recital Hall and the Creative Music Fund

They say there are seven stories that encompass all others, but what would they sound like as music? Hear the oldest of tales with new ears as seven genre-defying composers from across the Australian artistic landscape, including Amanda Brown (The Go-Betweens) and Jodi Phillis (The Clouds), turn their creative minds towards the legends and lore that litter human history. Accompanied by original text by Hilary Bell, video by Sarah-Jane Woulahan and featuring soprano Jane Sheldon.



SEPTEMBER 23 2pm & 8pm, Bay 20 Carriageworks, presented by Carriageworks and Ensemble Offspring

Dreams, fairytales and fate are the inspiration behind a phantasmagoric concert that might be the soundtrack of a sleeping mind. Showcasing US-based Australian soprano, Jessica Aszodi, and an expanded line-up of instrumentalists on stage, this suite of surprising and beguiling works will lead the listener down the unmapped byways of the imagination.

Featuring Chin, Walshe, Illean, Abbasi and Hsieh.



APRIL 20-23


Special Guests: Cathy Milliken, Jessica Aszodi
Successful applicants (two composers and two performers) will travel to Sydney twice throughout 2017 to participate in the Hatched Academy. The Academy will feature two separate week-long sessions in Sydney — the first culminating in Sizzle (20-23 April 2017) and the second based around our Carriageworks concert Who Dreamed It? with a session in Sydney from 25-29 September 2017.