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Ensemble Offspring

2021 Season

January 1, 2021 All day

2021 celebrates nature and our Australian outdoor environment in all its glory. From Musical Micorparks to Avant Gardens to Sonic Sites – our outdoor shows abound! And we bring the outside ‘in’ with The Surge and Shivers on Speed capturing that visceral, large scale feeling of nature through more acoustically controlled sonic environments. It is a year of music making not to be missed – especially after our shared experience of the longest hiatus of real live concerts in living history. We can’t wait to immerse you in our unique brand of living new music once again in 2021.


Claire Edwardes, Will Hansen (Hatched Associate Artist), Blair Harris, Ben Kopp, Lamorna Nightingale, Jason Noble, Freya Schack-Arnott, Véronique Serret, Bree van Reyk + Hani Abdile, Tunji Bier, Andrew Blanch, Alice Chance, Marlene Cummins, Robert Davidson, Alyx Dennison, Solly Frank, Brenda Gifford, Jess Green, Sam James , Robin Janus, Sonya Lifschitz, Katia Molino, James Nightingale, Jessica O’Donoghue, Peachey and Mosig, Christa Powell, Roland Peelman, Nardi Simpson, Bonnie Stewart, Michelle St Anne, Rowena McNeish, Mindy Meng Wang, Ariel Nurhadi, Jack Symonds, Nick Wales, James Wannan


Barbeler, Berio, Brophy, Coelho, Cole, Davidson, Donatoni, Eötvös, Frank, Grenfell, Gifford, Harrison, Keller, Klein, Knott, Loader, Mac, Margetic, McGowan, Milenko, Milliken, Moore, Morrish, Murphy, Muntendorf, Nobles, Rose, Russell, Rzewski, Saariaho, Schnittke, Sculthorpe, Shaw, Simpson, Styles, Symonds, Tanaka, Taylor, Tonkin, van Reyk, Vivier, Wales, Wells, Westlake, Whiteside, Wilcox, Yap



January 1, 2021


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and regional NSW