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Ensemble Offspring

Bargain Garden

November 3, 2011 | 8:00pm

Bargain Garden is a toxic nightmare in all the pretty colours of the rainbow – a creative investigation into the world of bargain shops, consumerism and plastic. An interdisciplinary group of artists create a dramatic “surround” visual and aural performance fusing physical theatre, live and electronic music, design and multi-media. In investigating the phenomenon of bargain or $2 shops found in most streets of our suburbs and our city, this work transforms the selling of cheap mass-produced low quality plastic products into an engaging and provocative performance event in which sound meets science and mass produced plastic becomes physical art, kinetic sculpture, performance art and even musical instruments.

Bargain Garden invites us to experience both the rush and aftermath of our bargain-crazy, shopping-mad culture and lifestyle.

Presented by Performance Space

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“Bargain Garden trades in sly textual and visual wit is weirdly joyous and unexpectedly inspiring.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“Thoroughly entertaining in its divulgement of our incurable, insatiable lust for stuff: the stuff of dreams and landfill. One of the most inventive aspects of the work is Offspring’s score, largely played on toys and sundry junk; wherever sound can be found”.



Date & Time

First preview 8pm 1st November; Second preview 7pm, 2nd November; Performances 8pm 3rd & 4th November, 2pm 5th November 2011


Carlos Gomes (direction/original concept)
Claire Edwardes, Jason Noble (musical performers/devisors)
Damien Ricketson (musical director)
Bob Scott (sound engineer)
Katia Molino, Carlos Gomes (text)
Heidrun Lohr (video/photography)
Nick Wishart (video programming)
Mirabelle Wouters (lighting design)
Katia Molino, Rodney Nash, Justin Shoulder, Kym Vercoe, Carlos Gomes, Mirabelle Wouters, Teik-Kim Pok (performers/devisors/designers)

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Bargain Garden