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January 16, 2022 @ 7:00pm 8:00pm

Experience a sonic and visual journey through Yuwaalaraay country in north-western New South Wales. The world premiere of -barra, a collaboration between Ensemble Offspring and acclaimed Yuwaalaraay storyteller Nardi Simpson, will wrap you in the landscape that inspired it, through an evocative original music composition and striking visuals.

Yuwaalaraay artists Nardi Simpson, Lucy Simpson and Brendan Odee Welsh join forces with Sydney’s musical mavericks Ensemble Offspring, jazz pianist Kevin Hunt and Barayagal choir for an unforgettable narrative journey into the Australian interior. Let the river sing and the red dirt rumble: from Nhungga-barra dirt country to the flat plains of Mirriaa-barra, from the swamplands of Murrgu-barra to the riverlands of Garrii-barra, the artists have come together to create a sonic mapping of the land through the four distinct regions they call home. 

4.5 stars ★★★★ “From each and every performer, joy radiated from their eyes, their smiles, their hearts.” – Rebecca Varidel, Sydney Scoop

“-barra was truly a most profoundly beautiful and meaningful experience.” – Rebecca Varidel, Sydney Scoop

“…every Australian should see this brilliant performance piece.” – Rebecca Varidel, Sydney Scoop

Note: all patrons above the age of 16 must present their COVID-19 vaccination certificate upon entry. Patrons aged 12 and above must wear face masks inside the venue.

Ensemble Offspring is committed to ensuring our events are accessible to everyone. Please email admin@ensembleoffspring.com at the time of booking to inform us of any special access needs.

$39 – $79
2 Angel Place
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
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January 16, 2022




City Recital Hall
2 Angel Place
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia


$39 – $79



Nardi Simpson – -barra (2021) WP

1. Winangaylanha – An Acknowledgement
2. Old Ones – For Our Ancestors
3. Yinnarraa – Senior Women
4. Miimii – The Grandmothers Descend
5. Burruguu – Time Before Time
6. Garrii – Native Orchid
7. Nhunnga – Kurrajong
8. Wirringin – Senior Men
9. Murrugu – Twin Trees of the Swamp
10. Mirriyaa – Lignum- A Timeless Tangle
11. Dhiiyaan Family – Together We- Family
12. Dhariwaa – Narran Lakes
13. Dhigayaa – The Flight of the Birds

-barra 2022 Daybill



Nardi Simpson (voice)
Lucy Simpson (art design)
Brendan Odee Welsh (film)
Peachey & Mosig (visuals)
Lamorna Nightingale (flute)
Georgina Oakes (clarinets)
Andrew Blanch (guitar)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Kevin Hunt (piano)
Barayagal choir

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