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Ensemble Offspring

Cage Uncaged

September 16, 2007 | 3:00pm

This mini festival is a unique collaboration between the singers of The Song Company and the musicians of Ensemble Offspring. Over three distinct programs, three particular aspects of Cage are explored, featuring no less than ten works by Cage, many of his later period, and a number of new creations written as a response by composers such as Matthew Shlomowitz, David Young, Stephen Adams, Colin Bright, Michael Smetanin and others.

Presented in collaboration with the The Song Company and the New Music Network


245 Wilson St
Eveleigh, NSW 2015 Australia

“This thoughtful mini-festival by the ever-enterprising Song Company and Ensemble Offspring used his enduring influence as a context to present new and rare works and felt like a breath of spring air in a world grown tired of the inward-looking narrowness of recent years.” Full review here

Sydney Morning Herald



September 16, 2007




245 Wilson St
Eveleigh, NSW 2015 Australia


3pm Program 1: To the Sea…
John Cage – Litany for the Whale (1980)

Matthew Shlomowitz – Slow Flipping Harmony (2006)

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Colin Bright – The Last Whale (2007)

5pm Program 2: To the Earth…
David Young – to keep things reasonable (world premiere 2007)
John Cage – Forever and sunsmell (1944)

John Cage – Solos for Voice (1970/71)

John Cage – Four6 (1992)

Frederik Rzewski – To the Earth (1985)

7.30pm Program 3: To the Air…
John Cage – 4’33” (1952)

Stephen Adams – A Short Service (2007)

John Cage – Chorals for Violin Solo (1978)

Mayke Nas – Anyone Can Do It (2006)

John Cage – Five (1988) 

Matthew Shlomowitz – Arsenal, Bahrain, Chihuahua, Darjeeling and Eisenhower (2007)

Michael Smetanin – Due Pezzi Per Niente (2006)

John Cage – ear for EAR (Antiphonies) (1983)
John Cage – Three2 (1991)


Thomas Talmacs (violin/viola)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Diana Springford (clarinet)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Bree van Reyk (percussion)

THE SONG COMPANY – Roland Peelman (Director)
Clive Birch (bass)
Richard Black (tenor)
Jenny Duck-Chong (mezzo)
Mark Donnelly (baritone)
Ruth Kilpatrick (soprano)
Nicole Thomson (soprano)

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Cage Uncaged