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acoustic ritual

Epic Fragments

A new monthly new music series launches in Sydney’s inner west at the Old 505 Theatre, Newtown. Known for its jazz, 505 on Cleveland Street closed its doors at the end of 2019, making way for a week of acoustic music each month as part of ‘Acoustic Ritual’. 

Curated by Lamorna Nightingale and Claire Edwardes, true to their roots the pair have put together a program of original music featuring established artists alongside emerging voices and international guests.   

On 4 March, Ensemble Offspring presents EPIC FRAGMENTS featuring works by Berg, Polias, Maxwell Davies, Wieland, Pertout & Widmann.

“‘Ensemble Offspring’s Epic Fragments had virtuosic energy and exquisite ‘very very soft’”

Alan Holley, ClassikON
5 Eliza Street
Newtown, NSW Australia



March 4, 2020




5 Eliza St, Newtown, Sydney
5 Eliza Street
Newtown, NSW Australia




Alban Berg – Vier Stucke for clarinet and piano, Op.5 (1913) 9″
Peter Maxwell-Davies – Hymnos for clarinet and piano (1967) 12″
Cassie Wieland – Hands for solo clarinet (2017) 5″
Andrian Pertout – Luz Meridional (selection) (2012) 8”
Peggy Polias – Hive (selection) (2017) 8”
Jorg Widmann – Five Fragments for clarinet and piano (1997) 9″