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Ensemble Offspring

The Listening Museum

April 20, 2013 | 6:00pm

Adventurous Brisbane based duo Clocked Out come together with Ensemble Offspring to present a series of performance installations focusing on the phenomena of listening – a long clarinet glide accompanied by sine tones, resonant bass drums and bouncing ping pong balls, twitter hymns, private beauty box performances, prepared grand piano, extreme bass drums and virtuosi clarinet, a gas cylinder bell with electronics and microphones as pendulums.

This is your very own musical museum – a real life surround sound experience. Featured performers include Jason Noble, Claire Edwardes, Vanessa Tomlinson, Erik Griswold, Steffan Ianigro and Super Critical Mass with classics by Alvin Lucier, Steve Reich, Magnus Lindberg and new works by Erik Griswold and Amanda Cole. Presented in association with the New Music Network.

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View Brisbane performance here

“Despite the effort, despite the visibly heroic struggles of the performer, the deepest feelings remain trapped by the inadequate means at hand. We bear witness to the gulf between ambition and achievement, between ourselves-in-ourselves and ourselves in others. Normal life. Australia’s Got Talent.” Full review here

RealTime Arts


Date & Time

Brisbane Urban Art Projects, 6pm Saturday 20th April 2013
Sydney Paddington Uniting Church, 6.30pm Friday 14th June 2013


Erik Griswold – Action Music
Rosemary Joy – Beauty Boxes
Steve Reich – Pendulum Music
Steffan Ianigro – Campanology
Amanda Cole & Warren Armstrong – Twitterphonicon
Magnus Lindberg – Ablauf
Alvin Lucier – In Memoriam Jon Higgins
Alvin Lucier – Music for Pure Waves, Bass Drums and Acoustic Pendulums
Super Critical Mass – GLOW
Tim Parkinson – Melodica and Percussion (Australian premiere – Brisbane only)
Vanessa Tomlinson – Music for the Banal, the Obvious, the Everyday (Brisbane only)
Erik Griswold – Spill (Brisbane only)
Lawrence English – Songs for the Constant (Never the Solid)
Michael Askill – Gong Therapy


Jessica Aszodi (voice)
Erkki Veltheim (violin)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Vanessa Tomlinson, Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Steffan Ianigro (bell & electronics)
Erik Griswold (prepared piano)
Amanda Cole & Warren Armstrong (installation)
Michael Askill (installation)
Lawrence English (installation)
Leah Barclay (installation)
Clarinets on mass (concept: Julian Day, Janet McKay, Luke Jaaniste)
Ba Da Boom Percussio

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The Listening Museum