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Ensemble Offspring

To the Max

December 10, 2008 | 7:00pm

Exploring the extreme ends of the decibel spectrum. The whispered clarinet tones of Helmut Lachenmann’s Dal Niente (Out of Nothing), Morton Feldman’s delicate King of Denmark, John Cage’s Cheap Imitation and the miniature percussion of Rosemary Joy each present a uniquely microscopic world of sound. In contrast, Louis Andriessen’s raucous Workers Union, a symphonic movement for any group of loud sounding instruments, a world premiere from Michael Smetanin, the composer who broke occupational health and safety standards with his work Black Snow, and the overwhelming volume of Phil Niblock’s droning instruments, promise to overload the senses.

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245 Wilson St
Eveleigh, NSW 2015 Australia



December 10, 2008




245 Wilson St
Eveleigh, NSW 2015 Australia


Helmut Lachenmann
 – Dal Niente
Morton Feldman
 – King of Denmark
Rosemary Joy – 
Beauty Boxes (world premiere)
John Cage – Cheap Imitation
Michael Smetanin – Swell (world premiere)
Louis Andriessen – 
Workers Union
Phil Niblock – Movement of People Working


James Cuddeford & Veronique Serret (violin)
Jason Noble & Diana Springford (clarinet)
Jim Nightingale (saxophone)
Joseph Littlefield (guitar)
Bree van Reyk & Claire Edwardes (percussion)

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To the Max