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2002-2007 Quotes & Reviews

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Sydney Morning Herald’s annual review of classical music, Ensemble Offspring and The Song Company’s production “Cage Uncaged” was listed in the top 5 classical concerts of 2007 (the other 4 were presented by the Sydney Symphony and Opera Australia).

“Trust Ensemble Offspring to go their own way… another intelligent and intriguing show from a group committed to asking ‘what if?’.”
Sydney Morning Herald
“A revelatory concert-going experience.”
Resonate Magazine
“The City Recital Hall rarely plays host to a concert consisting entirely of new music. Baroque, yes; classical, of course; but cutting-edge, experimental, out-there weirdness? No. So it was with some sense of triumph that the combined forces of Ensemble Offspring, Halcyon and Synergy Percussion took the stage for their opening work.”
Sydney Morning Herald
“…responsible for some of the most innovative and adventurous programs currently heard in Sydney.”
Sydney Morning Herald
“Technically superb and of striking musicality.”
Dziennik Polski, Poland
“The musicians listened, felt together and worked like the best Olympic team.”
“The always-original Ensemble Offspring had put together a concert which seemed to ask: ‘What comes next, after postmodernism?’ and answer it by saying: ‘We aren’t quite sure but we hope it raises a smile’.”
Sydney Morning Herald
“Intellect meets sensuality… for while the audience was chock-full of academics and students keen to activate the left side of their brains, as a listening experience the concert was, quite simply, beautiful.”
Sydney Morning Herald
“A challenging and immensely enjoyable night.”
Manly Daily
“Well conceived and executed.”
The Australian
“Music ensembles tend to come and go with the ebb and flow of funding and opportunities, but it seems Ensemble Offspring is here to stay… the level of musicianship, ensemble playing and sheer virtuosity from the nine-piece band made for a genuinely thrilling performance.”
Sydney Morning Herald
“Overall, this was a stimulating encounter with Cage” (Cage Uncaged)
The Australian