Critical Acclaim

2017 Quotes & Reviews

“It’s a ballsy move to open a concert of such uncompromisingly demanding (albeit beautiful) music with a work which systematically undercuts artistic pretention. But when you play these works with such persuasive articulacy, you can get away with pretty much anything. Bravi.” – Harriet Cunningham, A Cunning Blog 

“Aszodi’s performance was superb, singing with brightness and ringing clarity and she, conductor Roland Peelman and the ensemble created an enchanting universe of absurdity, irrational dreams and maddening logic over seven movements.” – Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald

“This is a group playing at a level where they can really perform. What they do with their sonic resources — whether a cello, or an egg-shaker, or a voicestrument — is completely at the service of the story. It’s a joy to watch such a cracking band, engaging with the music, engaging with each other, engaging with the audience.” – Harriet Cunningham, A Cunning Blog

“Ensemble Offspring played with their usual commitment, flair and easy sense of theatricality” – Keith Gallasch, RealTime 

“Although so much smaller in scale than the SSO, and braver than the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble Offspring offers a more incisive vision, consistent commissioning and engagement with new media and theatrical idioms that an increasing number of composers see as part of their remit. Equality of opportunity figures strongly too, evident in the ensemble’s 2017 program, entirely comprising works by female composers.” – Keith Gallasch, RealTime

“Groups such as Ensemble Offspring … continue to support new art as a matter of pride and principle.” – Maxim Boon – ArtsHub

“Ensemble Offspring were in fine form, presenting some of their most scintillating performances yet.” – Matthew Lorenzon – Partial Durations 

“Ensemble Offspring’s tight-knit sextet delivers evolving colours and an intoxicating range of textures in Arc Electric, a feast of strange and vivid imagery.” – Angus McPherson, Limelight 

“The concert was ostensibly a celebration of musical creativity…leaving the listener with a sense of the beauty of the world and its fragility” – Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald

“…eminent guests from Ensemble Offspring, including Claire Edwards and Zubin Kanga, raised the number of instrumentalists to not even a dozen, yet the vast space of Bay 20 was filled with profoundly impressive sounds” – Jason Catlett, Time Out