Critical Acclaim

2021 Quotes & Reviews


4 stars “Across all four installations the connection between performers was palpable and a joy to watch…Great care has been taken with all of the performances and the work is clearly evident.” – Michael Kauffman Limelight Magazine

“All in all, the uniqueness and sincerity of the event as a whole is its greatest strength. Giving voice to real stories and moving ideas through collaborations, Musical Microparks is a truly unique and innovative event from Ensemble Offspring.”  – Michael Kauffman Limelight Magazine


Lone Hemispheres is a fine metaphor for ‘the time of COVID’. Though each of the twelve works in this project is recorded in Sydney’s Baker Street Studios, and the beautiful black and white visuals bring an element of constancy and connection, there is a strong, changing visual metaphor, from lockdown footwear accompanying upper body concert gear (a.k.a. ‘behind the TV desk’ attire) to a shifting still life, evocative of a lockdown kitchen. ” Mandy Stefanakis, Loud Mouth

“Ensemble playing is wonderful for performers and listeners alike…These solo performances, however, are utterly transparent. And the visuals here, add so much. There is such musicianship on display in every single performance, combined with an integrity and devotion to the pieces being performed. It really is a very special project.” Mandy Stefanakis, Loud Mouth

4 stars “Giving a timeless feel, the performances were recorded in black and white with great closeups of performer and instrument. Some of the musicians wear socks or slippers while others are barefoot in keeping with the theme. The set is a small studio with standing mikes. Small details like a table with flowers in a vase and a couple of chairs finish the scene. And If you watch the pieces in sequence you can see how the set changes…These tiny interventions in Lone Hemispheres: The Solo Sessions gave the digital experience an almost timeless, and surrealist feel.” Lynne Lancaster, Arts Hub