Mirri Mirri Cultural Awareness Training

Warami! Last week EO musicians, board members, staff and our extended family of close collaborators rallied together on Zoom to partake in a fascinating Cultural Awareness Training session presented by Paul Sinclair from Mirri Mirri.

From the comforts of our homes on Gadigal, Wangal and Cammeraygal lands, Paul showed us how to engage with the Indigenous culture of the country we inhabit. We were inspired to grow our awareness of prominent figures in our local areas, and to seek out opportunities to learn more about First Nations lives and practices – language, art, science, food, stories, and of course music.

A particular highlight for us was learning about the traditions which underpin the contemporary Acknowledgement of Country ritual: Paul showed us how we can personalise and transform the Acknowledgement into an opportunity to connect with the First Nations peoples and country and inspire our friends, family and audiences to build their own understanding. We would highly recommend a Mirri Mirri Cultural Awareness session with Paul and his team for your work place!

Above: the Ensemble Offspring family rallying on Zoom

Ensemble Offspring has a strong history of collaboration and mentorship with Indigenous composers and artists, particularly through our First Nations Composer Program. If you would like to contribute to our work with First Nations creators, head over to the Support Us page or contact us directly.

We work and play on Gadigal land.

Eitan Muir, Wednesday 3rd March 2021