EO members and friends share their memories

If you’ve been following our socials, you would have seen some nostalgic videos popping up twice a week…

To celebrate 25 years of music-making, we present the “25 Years of Ensemble Offspring” video series. Each video will feature one or more artists reminiscing about their favourite EO memory – whether that be from 1995 (when we were known as the Spring Ensemble) or 2017 (our year of programming all-female composers), or anything in between! With so many amazing concerts and pieces performed over the years, it is a delight to relive these moments through the eyes of the people who created them.

Our 25 Year Flashback videos will continue up until our official 25th birthday on the 9th September (which happens to be our Artistic Director Claire’s birthday too!).

There is plenty more to come from our core members, as well as performers and composers that we have enjoyed working with other the years.


#1 Damien Ricketson shares 25 memories of EO Part 1
#2 Lamorna Nightingale remembers “Tierkreis”
#3 Bree van Reyk shares her favourite EO memories
#4 Jason Noble remembers “To The Max” 2008
#5 Damien Ricketson shares 25 memories of EO Part 2
Amanda Brown and Kirsty McCahon remember 2017
Elizabeth Jigalin and Will Hansen remember Sizzle!
Alice Chance and Sarah Elise Thompson: Future Retro and Extended Play
Zubin Kanga remembers The Solitude Tour (2019)