Hatched Home Academy

We look back on a whirlwind month of mentorship, new connections and friendships forged.

In 2020, we announced two new branches of our Hatched Academy 2020 program: Hatched Home Academy and Hatched Home Commission. These two new initiatives were created in response to the unique challenges facing young artists due to Covid-19, and aimed to put emerging musicians in touch with artists at the top of their game to provide advice, direction for their future careers.

The response from the young arts community was huge! We were delighted to connect 18 music practitioners with our mentorship team of Claire Edwardes, Jason Noble, Lamorna Nightingale, Roland Peelman, Blair Harris and Véronique Serret. Whether taking place over Zoom or in a socially-distanced environment, the sessions were a huge success and resulted in a rich exchange of ideas for both our mentors and our mentees.

What our participants said:

“This was an extremely valuable and worthwhile experience. I would highly recommend this program to happen again!”
– Katherine Howarth, participant

“It was fantastic to effectively get a masterclass/workshop of my work with a professional player like Véronique. She was really insightful, kind and brought up great points for discussion as well as potential edits.”
Robert McIntyre, participant

“Reflecting on where I’m at right now as an artist, and discussing those thoughts with a similar artist whose career is further developed was super beneficial. It was a privilege to be included in this program and I got a lot out it.”
– Liam Wooding, participant

“[The session] was very well informed, caring and graceful. I felt the space was very open to talk about anything in detail, and I was able to ask direct questions.”
Nick Ashwood, participant

“Jason was very positive and welcoming from the first email onward. This opportunity has helped me to get back into composing after a long drought. Needless to say the COVID-19 pandemic has forced me to reflect and yearn for creativity.”
Nadia Burgess, participant

My assigned participants were insightful and exceptional…Extremely organised, prepared and charming. I enjoyed participating in Hatched Home Academy very much.”
Blair Harris, Mentor