Musical Microparks Review

Last week we premiered Musical Microparks as part of Sydney Festival. We presented 3 shows over 3 days and our musicians repeated each of their sets 12 times in total – mega! We received this really positive 4 star review in Limelight Magazine – read the full review here and below are some highlight quotes:

“The event is structured as a roaming tour of Erskineville, with six short installations situated in the small suburban park areas throughout the suburb. The audience is separated into smaller groups who are shepherded through four of the performances across two hours. The installations themselves are created from collaborations between musicians from Ensemble Offspring and other artists (poets, dancers, blues singers etc.), forming unique outdoor duets, each with something to say about identity and Australian culture. Due to the nature of the event, audiences will have different experiences, seeing a different collection of performances depending on which group they are in.”

“All in all, the uniqueness and sincerity of the event as a whole is its greatest strength. Giving voice to real stories and moving ideas through collaborations, Musical Microparks is a truly unique and innovative event from Ensemble Offspring. Audiences will have different experiences and reactions depending on which selection of works they see, but the result of all of the effort that has visibly gone into the production is beautiful, honest, and truly moving.”