“For Kammerbox, Claire Edwardes collects chamber works, mostly duos, by Australian composers for performances by herself and other high profile instrumentalists. There is an excellent standard of musicianship demonstrated by all the players and the works presented are compositionally outstanding…”
 Michael Hannan (Loud Mouth)

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ABC Classics
Released 2017


Amanda Cole Glocken Blocken (marimba & almglocken solo) WP
Ross Edwards Djanaba (guitar, marimba)
Katy Abbott Re-Echo (cello, percussion)
Ross Edwards Binyang (clarinet, claves)
John Psathas Fragment (piano, vibraphone)
Gerard Brophy We Bop (alto saxophone, vibraphone)
Elena Kats-Chernin Blue Silence (bass clarinet, marimba)
Maria Grenfell Di Primavera (guitar, marimba)
Andrew Ford No Man’s Land (violin, vibraphone/crotales)
Peter Sculthorpe Djilile (cello, marimba)
Richard Charlton Carpenteria (guitar, vibraphone)
Tim Dargaville Invisible Dance (soprano saxophone, marimba)
Stuart Greenbaum Two Interludes in Space (piano, violin, vibraphone)


Karin Schaupp (guitar)
Julian Smiles (cello)
Bernadette Harvey (piano)
Anna McMichael (violin)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Christina Leonard (saxophone)