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Hatched Academy Testimonials

Here’s what our past participants have said about their Hatched Academy experience over the years.

Hatched Mentorship Program (formerly Hatched Home Academy)

Matthew Kneale (bassoon) – 2021 Hatched Home Academy
“During a lockdown time, how refreshing to feel that artists care about each other and want to create in a time when one can feel down and uninspired. Such an appropriate time to connect, share ideas and work out what to program for future years with hopeful and eventual collaborations. Talking about the works for a particular instrument and then being inspired to play it solo with completely different combinations of duo and larger chamber works the hope is that things open quickly and that we can get on top of virus that has crippled the industry. We all just want to hit the ground running!”

Sophia Mackson (viola) – 2021 Hatched Home Academy
I loved being able to chat to Véronique about contemporary music in Australia, as well as my own compositions. She has such a wealth of knowledge and passion which was so amazing to get to hear about. She was so kind and supportive of all my ideas and gave the best feedback—I am forever a fan and supporter of her!

Michael Grebla (composer) – 2021 Hatched Home Academy
Really enjoyable and professionally rewarding. Blair was a terrific mentor, really accommodating in organising a time that worked across time-zones. I think it was an affirming experience for how to continue to progress my artistic practice and cultivate my cultural connection to and within Australia.”

Hatched Associate Artist

Will Hansen (double bass) – 2020-21 Hatched Associate Artist
“My time as Ensemble Offspring’s Hatched Academy Associate Artist has been an invaluable next step in my musical career. Through the Hatched Academy Associate Artist experience I have been able to compose, improvise, rehearse and perform so many unique and challenging new pieces under the guidance of, and alongside esteemed professionals, and have gained a valuable insight into the inner machinations of a high-class new music group. I’ve been able to premiere new works by local composers, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to give these new works the exposure and audience that they deserve.”

Georgina Oakes (clarinet) – 2018 Hatched Associate Artist
“It was so wonderful to be welcomed into the EO family and to have the opportunity to perform with them. I definitely felt a sense of belonging, over and above any feeling that I would have had by just being called in for a concert.”

Watch Georgina and Claire perform Christopher Fox’s Reeling (1983)

Jacob Abela (piano) – 2015 Hatched Associate Artist
“Hatched Academy was a great opportunity to experience a comprehensive overview of what it’s like to be a freelance artist in an ensemble setting—basically synthesising that knowledge into a package to take back with me when I pursue my own things.”

Hatched Composer Intensive (formerly Hatched Summer School)

Christine Pan (composer) – 2020 Hatched Summer School
“The overall Hatched experience was really amazing, fun but also challenging at times! But that’s the point, to feel challenged and question the way you compose and create and think about music.”

Listen to Christine’s piece The May Queen (2020), composed for Hatched Summer School.

Sarah Elise Thompson (composer) – 2019 Hatched Summer School
“These guys really care about the sounds I’m making, and they really cared about the end product as well. I was deeply inspired every day to come to Summer School. I left Hatched Summer School with greater confidence in myself, and as my artistic practice develops I’m going to look back on this experience and be like, wow, I did that.”

Listen to Sarah’s piece striking out (2019), composed for Hatched Summer School.

Matthew Shlomowitz (mentor) – 2018 Hatched Summer School
“The dynamic with the students is really special. Most of them didn’t know each other before, and it’s an intense week. I think maybe in a five-day period, people are willing to go places you wouldn’t normally over four years where you pace things out more.”

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