Sounds Like Australia (2018)

In Sounds Like Australia, Play School’s Luke Carroll narrates a musical tale of the Australian landscape, as Kirra Quokka travels from Rottnest Island to the bright lights of Sydney Opera House. In each episode the Australian environment, landscape and weather are evoked through music and storytelling. Children can see how instruments work together to create magical soundscapes, providing stimuli for spatial thinking. Sounds Like Australia can also be a rich pretext for drama, as children are offered a range of chances to extend the story and personalise the narrative through their own play.

Liner Notes



  1. Kirra Quokka finds a concert ticket
  2. Harper the Humpback and Kirra float over the ocean
  3. Niipu Numbat and Kirra ride a train across the desert
  4. Elena Emu and Kirra Quokka climb up the Blue Mountains
  5. Padma Possum and Kirra Quokka arrive in the city
  6. Kirra’s big musical concert surprise!


  1. Ross Edwards Crow Dance from Animisms
  2. Nigel Westlake arr. Jessica WellsOcean Sunfish
  3. Iain Grandage arr. Jessica WellsCorrugation

Blue Mountain Suite:

  1. Jessica Wells Bush Awakens
  2. Jessica Wells Blue Mountain March
  3. Jessica Wells Summit View

White Knight and Beaver:

  1. Martin Wesley-Smith arr. Jessica Wells Excerpt 1
  2. Martin Wesley-Smith arr. Jessica Wells Excerpt 2
  1. Ross Edwards, Nigel Westlake, Iain Grandage, Jessica Wells and Martin Wesley-Smith, arr. Jessica WellsFinale Medley
  2. Jessica WellsKirra Quokka Theme
  3. Jessica WellsCarlos Crow Theme
  4. Jessica WellsHarper Humpback Theme
  5. Jessica WellsNiipu Numbat Theme
  6. Jessica WellsElena Emu Theme
  7. Jessica WellsPadma Possum Theme
  8. Jessica WellsLocomotive Theme


Claire Edwardes (percussion / Artistic Director)
Lamorna Nightingale (flutes)
Jason Noble (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Véronique Serret (violin, electric violin)
Freya Schack-Arnott (cello)
Luke Carrol (narrator)