Pendulum (2022)

Recognised as one of Australia’s finest and most innovative composers, Mary Finsterer brings together medieval and renaissance musical practice with 20th and 21st century innovations.

This collection of Finsterer’s recent works offers a series of atmospheric and evocative musical impressions, many of them recorded here for the first time. Lumen prime aurore (‘The Light of the First Dawn’) takes inspiration from the poignant poem about wisdom, creation and light by Hildegard von Bingen, O Verbum Patris. Originally conceived for a virtual joint performance by the Melbourne and Singapore Symphony Orchestras, the piece is here presented in a new studio recording by the MSO.

Also including her percussion concerto Silva and double bass concerto Lake Ice, along with a selection of small ensemble pieces, this collection truly exemplifies the talent and uniquely beautiful musical voice of Mary Finsterer.

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1. Mary FinstererLumen Prime Aurore
2. Mary FinstererJulian Suite III: Angelus
3. Mary FinstererSilva
4. Mary FinstererIgnis
5. Mary FinstererFalling
6. Mary FinstererMissed Tales I: Lake Ice


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Benjamin Northey (conductor) (track 1)
Ensemble Liaison (track 2)
Claire Edwardes (percussion), Ensemble Offspring (track 3)
James Wannan (viola d’amore), Christopher Pidcock (cello) (track 4)
Paul Grabowsky (piano), Gabriella Smart (piano) (track 5)
Kees Boersma (double bass), Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Jessica Cottis (conductor) (track 6)