Rhythms of Change (2021)

Introduction written by Claire Edwardes:

Rhythms of Change sees the creation of important new works for solo percussion by female identifying Australian composers, directly addressing gender equity in classical music programming now and into the future. The project was triggered by the realisation that the majority of the pieces that I had been performing throughout my career were written by men. To re-address this gender disparity, for Rhythms of Change I commissioned seven of my favourite emerging and established female identifying Australian composers to write new works for solo mallet percussion.

As a commissioning and performance project my Rhythms of Change initiative ensures that the next opus of Australian percussion music will be more fairly represented by women, so that the next generation of musicians can do what makes sense in our day and age – play music written equally by male AND female composers. The works are designed to be performed by a range of musicians – from high school to tertiary students, through to professionals, with the compositions made readily available for purchase through the Australian Music Centre. I hope you enjoy listening, and for those budding percussionists out there, I urge you to consider programming some of this awesome new music in your next recital!

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Maria Grenfell – Stings and Wings (2021)
1. Jack Jumper
2. Dragonfly
3. Moth Hunt
4. Ella Macens – Falling Embers (2020)
5. Ella Macens – Verve (2016)
6. Alice Chance – Mirroring (2021)
7. Peggy Polias – Receptor (2021)
8. Bree van Reyk – Slipstreams (2021)
9. Elena Kats-Chernin – Violet’s Etude (2010)
10. Elena Kats-Chernin – Poppy’s Polka (2021)
Anne Cawrse – Dance Vignettes (2021)
11. Meditations and Hymns
12. Fancy and Flight
13. Scamper and Scoot


Claire Edwardes (percussion)


“I am very grateful for your project and feel that the gender balance among composers for percussion is the most important challenge we face currently – I feel the need for greater equity more than ever right now. Thank you for your efforts Claire!” – Steve Schick (legendary American percussionist)