The Vanishing (2019)

The Vanishing is the long-awaited return of abstract electronic duo Oren Ambarchi & Martin Ng, in a remarkable collaboration with the acclaimed new music group Ensemble Offspring. Working together with the ensemble in 2013 for a series of concerts & recording sessions, Ambarchi & Ng developed a suite of pieces that build on the distinctive sonic language established by their three previous duo albums – released between 2000 & 2006 – of ringing bell-like tones & sustained hums with a new palette of acoustic textures.

Recording material together as a duo as they had in the past, Ambarchi & Ng then supervised Ensemble Offspring as they recreated these recordings on their instruments, using the original recordings as audio scores.The result is a disorienting play of mirroring & imitation that blurs the boundaries between acoustic & electronic sound.

Released June 7, 2019

  1. Oren Ambarchi & Martin NgSimulacrum I
  2. Oren Ambarchi & Martin NgRecife
  3. Oren Ambarchi & Martin NgWoods
  4. Oren Ambarchi & Martin NgSimulacrum II
  5. Oren Ambarchi & Martin NgThe Vanishing


Recorded by Miles Thomas at Free Energy Device Studios, Sydney.

Mixed by Joe Talia and Oren Ambarchi at Chinatown, Melbourne, February 2013.

Mastered by Joe Talia at Chinatown, Melbourne, September 2013.
Vinyl cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin, July 2018.

Cover Image
Judy Millar
Ferryman 2011
Synthetic polymer paint and oil on canvas, 270.0 x 199.0 cm
Art Gallery of New South Wales © Judy Millar

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