Uncovered Ground (2021)

This first-ever collection of concert works by Felicity Wilcox represents the cream of her recent chamber music compositions. They include a brand-new recording of her celebrated bass clarinet work composed for Jason Noble, ‘People of this Place’, alongside works commissioned by Ensemble Offspring, Ironwood, and the Australia Ensemble, as well as a movement from Wilcox’s first string quartet, performed by Sydney Art Quartet.

This eclectic and mercurial album marks the honing of a strong, contemporary voice in Australian art music, and is an important record of Wilcox’s emergent work. It is also a loving tribute to the musicians and ensembles who have championed her music and who contribute so much to Australia’s musical landscape.

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Physical CD available from Felicity WilcoxBuywell Music and the Australian Music Centre.


1. Felicity WilcoxPeople of this place
2. Felicity WilcoxUncovered Ground
Felicity Wilcox & Marin Marais – Gouttes d’un Sang Etranger
3. Tambourin
4. Le Tourbillon (electronic interlude)
5. Le Tourbillon
6. Felicity WilcoxVivre Sa Vie (Composer’s Cut)
7. Felicity Wilcox & Marin Marais – Gouttes d’un Sang Etranger La Reveuse – Coda
8. Felicity Wilcox – SON-ombra, String Quartet no. 1 SON
9. Felicity Wilcox & Marin Marais – Gouttes d’un Sang Etranger Fragments I – IV
10. Felicity Wilcox – Snow II. Falling


Ironwood (tracks 2, 3, 5 and 9)
Ensemble Offspring (all except tracks 4 and 8)
Sydney Art Quartet (track 8)
Felicity Wilcox (track 10)
Anthea Cottee (tracks 4 and 7)
Nathan Henshaw (saxophone, tracks 4 and 7)


“Ensemble Offspring who perform, with their usual verve and sparkle, this most enjoyable and invigorating piece.” – Gwen Bennett, The Music Trust

“Wilcox is in full flight of inventiveness, with innovations in the use of conventional instruments and multiple electronic techniques. The disc opens with People of this Place, the composer’s reflection on her experience of living on unceded Aboriginal lands. The work is written for Jason Noble’s bass clarinet, which is a wonderfully expressive vehicle for the composer’s ideas and seems to reach into one’s very soul. Uncovered Ground is an attractively presented showcase of Felicity Wilcox’s recent chamber works, offering listeners a refreshingly different perspective on both new and old music.” – Margaret Steinberger, classikON

5 stars ★★★★★ “From the violin’s icy delicacy in Falling (from Snow) to the musique concrete-style recording manipulation in Le Tourbillon, her creative vision reigns supreme. The mind-bending fusion of Baroque sensibilities and dissonant textural explorations in the title track probably sum up Wilcox’s historically-informed modernity best.” – Jessie Cuniffe, Sydney Morning Herald

“The ensembles on the disc are themselves a clue to the breadth of repertoire on this anthology which ranges from the contemporary to the Renaissance, indigenous Australian to European, manipulated and experimental to traditional. Wilcox’s writing is inventive and creates new frontiers in sound with her techniques and combinations of instruments from duos to octets. Special credit must go to Jason Noble who plays on most of the tracks. His expertise and virtuosic playing give new insights into the versatility of the bass clarinet, whether as an equal partner with the baroque cello, or reborn as a digeridoo or a bird of the outback.” Shamistha de Soysa, SoundsLikeSydney